Horoscope – Week of March 20

Aries — Don’t be too bold, listen to the ideas of others and build upon them.

Libra — Remain calm but let yourself be heard, or it may cause more tension with one of your loved ones.

Taurus — Don’t let your anger get in the way of your focus. Remain calm and keep your eyes on your goal.

Scorpio — Keep your chin up. You will soon feel victorious

Gemini —If you are asked for help, then lend a hand. It will all come back to you and more.

Sagittarius — Don’t feel discouraged by the hard work of others, but let it be inspirational.

Cancer — You can inspire others with your creativity, don’t be too timid to let your ideas be heard.

Capricorn — Let your ideas run free. There may be endless opportunity by the end of them.

Leo — You may come to what seems to be a dead end. That’s when you know you are creating a path of your own.

Aquarius — If you feel like going on an adventure then begin planning soon.

Virgo — If you feel like going on an adventure then begin planning soon.

Pisces —You will rekindle a distant friendship if you are willing to be the one to step forward to reconnect.


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