June 1, 2023


Do you feel a tingle on the back of your neck?
If so, it may be because you are being hunted by the mysterious creature that has been lurking around.
In fact, being hunted is exactly what will happen if you participate in the Conestoga Residence and Conference Centre’s unique game of manhunt on Oct. 29.
The game Slender is being organized by the Residence House Council and will be taking place from 8 to 10 p.m.
Named after the original 2012 computer video game, Slender adds a twist to the traditional game of manhunt.
In the video game, the objective is to locate and collect eight pages that are hidden in various areas of the forest, all the while avoiding Slender Man.
Slender Man is a “fakeloric” paranormal being that has the ability to teleport. It is described as very tall and thin, with unnaturally long arms. It also has a white, featureless head and wears a black suit. The Slender Man is known to abduct children.
“The goal of the game is to find eight pages while trying not to get caught by Slender Man himself,” said Sydney Thain, the council member organizing the event, in an email. “This takes the idea to a whole new level instead of just your basic manhunt.”
During the game, players will be working solo. The game itself will be run flag football style in order to tell who has been caught and who is still in the game.
“The ultimate goal of the game is to collect all eight pages with at least one flag left,” Thain said.
The event, which is free, will only be open to students living in residence. Complimentary Gatorade will be served.