August 9, 2022

Aries: It’s a new year, but it’s going to be hard to live up to some of the progress you made last year. Don’t be intimidated by your achievements.
This weekend: Champ.

Taurus: You took it easy during the winter break, but it hasn’t dulled your instincts. Don’t let up. This weekend: The hunt.

Gemini: If you weren’t as invested in the holiday season as you normally are, it’s because you’re looking ahead to a big development. Stay calm. This weekend: Charm.

Cancer: What if everything you told yourself about your limits was a lie? Something is going to shift your perspective. Don’t fight it. This weekend: Love.

Leo: Getting back into the routine of school is going to help you a lot, even if your classes aren’t what you expected. This weekend: Reunion.

Virgo: Your recent generosity has not gone unnoticed and has done more good than you’d expect. Fortune favours the bold. This weekend: Declaration.

Libra: After a break from your school schedule you’re back and should be aware of the challenges ahead. Being prepared will do good. This weekend: Sharp.

Scorpio: With winter in full swing, don’t wrap yourself up when relating to others like you do to go outside. This weekend: Friendly.

Sagittarius: After spending for the holidays, it may be time to think before you buy. This weekend: Frugal.

Capricorn: New Year’s isn’t the only time you can set a resolution, a positive change you can make may come to you soon. This weekend: Betterment.

Aquarius: Spend more time with friends; being social will help keep those relationships strong. This weekend: Strengthened bonds.

Pisces: A new year means a new beginning of some kind for a lot of people, maybe it’s time to hit the reset button. Try a personal change. This weekend: Adaptation.

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