August 3, 2021


Aries you are known to have an upbeat spunky personality, which will attract others who will follow your lead.


Taurus you are known to be stubborn. You want things done your way. This week be open minded and accept other people’s opinions, it may be helpful for you.



Gemini you are known to be extremely independent. Accept the changes that are headed your way and experience new situations.



Other people might find you cold because you only view things your way and avoid emotional situations. You crave attention and comfort from those around you.


Leo you are known to be encouraging. Focus that energy towards others around you during stressful times, they will appreciate every bit of effort.



Don’t dwell on the past, it will complicate things and may limit your ability to move forward in life. Accept new changes. This week be adaptable.



Libra you are known to be lazy. Tackle one task at a time to ensure everything gets done within a reasonable amount of time.



You’ve been in the dark about certain things for a while.  Try lighting your own candle and figure things out on your own.



You’re head is in the clouds again, come on back to earth.  It’s time to put your time and energy into your work.



You’re worrying about something that in the long run doesn’t matter.  You’re hard work and dedication should prove your worth.



Underneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted individual that will go out of their way to help others around them.



Pisces need a strong positive friend, in order to make themselves strong. Pisces like adventure and crave new exciting situations and social events.

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