June 18, 2021

Aries: Your independence has been helpful to you for the past couple weeks.  Keep a clear head and you are sure to gain something from your hard work.Horoscope

Taurus: You’re laziness has gotten the better of you.  Take on a new hobby and you’ll be surprised at what you gain

Gemini: You have been super impulsive on all decisions that have come your way.  This may lead to a downfall.  Choose wisely.

Cancer: Your friends have been worrying about you lately due to your moodiness.  Put their worries at ease and get out of your funk.

Leo:  You are in need of a pick me up, take advantage of your confidence and do something spontaneous.

Virgo:  You have been giving people the cold shoulder because you’re afraid of what the outcome will be…stop that. Take a risk.

Libra:  Getting back into routine was hard but you’re there now, time for a victory bath and some wine.

Scorpio: You’re itching to put the blame on someone else but is that truly justified? Think about it first.

Sagittarius: I think it’s time for you to relax and put your feet up.  Too many adventures, too little time.

Capricorn: Your loyalty has been welcomed from all of your friends, it’s time to ask for the same curtesy in return.

Aquarius:  Your cleverness will get the better of you, take your time.

Pisces: You’ve been compassionate with everyone around you, continue on this path and you will find your happiness.

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