May 8, 2021


Sara Parking Photo

Parking at Conestoga College is a big headache for students and they aren’t happy about it.

The parking lots have become more of a battlefield than anything else. Students aggressively driving around in hopes of finding a spot have become a problem.

“I’m usually here an hour earlier than my class starts because I worry that I won’t find a parking spot,” said Aidan Boileau, a second-year graphic design student. “It usually takes me a half-hour to find one.”

However, the school can’t actually do anything about it. There are limited spaces, which means that students aren’t guaranteed a spot.

That being said, students are always leaving the parking lot, so it’s just a matter of luck and how good your stalking skills are.

“I usually just wait until I see someone and then I follow them to their car,” said Boileau. “You just have to be quick so no one else follows them as well.”

Another student said it’s always a hassle trying to find a parking spot. “I’ve been late to almost all of my classes since I park so far away,” said Alexandra Liliana Berescu, a first-year nursing student. “There’s never any parking spots unless I’m an hour earlier than everyone else.”

In the winter, snow banks cover some of the parking spots, which makes finding one even more of a challenge.

“It’s always harder in the winter,” said Ryan Borman, a second-year police foundations student. “Snow banks, plus the big section that’s blocked off because of construction in the blue lot, makes it nearly impossible. It’s an inconvenience leaving my house 30 minutes early just to guarantee I get a spot.”

When asked, Borman said that it usually takes him 20 minutes to find a spot. “It’s really infuriating. I almost always end up late in the end.”

Due to the construction on the rec centre, a section in the blue lot is blocked off for safety reasons.

“It confuses me that we pay $429 when a quarter of the parking lot isn’t accessible because of construction,” said Borman. “It makes sense to reduce the price, so I don’t know why they won’t.”
For some students, finding a spot to park isn’t the only issue.

“The blue lot is too congested with only two exits,” said Chris Tulloch, a second-year public relations student. “The school needs to make more ways out.”

Will Jacobs, a second-year police foundations student, said the biggest problem he faces is trying to leave the blue parking lot. “Between 4 and 6 p.m., it can take upwards of 40 minutes to leave. I’m a second-year student at Conestoga and I’ve never seen an issue as bad as this.”

Jacobs said he would like to see Conestoga improve the parking experience for students.

“Conestoga should invest in some traffic lights at the first main entrance. It would help solve a great deal of the after-school parking issues,” he said. “Throwing a few security guards out in the parking lot after hours to help direct traffic would also help cut down on the wait time it takes to leave the school parking lot every day.”

Boileau said, “I think that the school needs to make more parking lots. It would benefit the students more. We are already paying a pretty penny for tuition and parking, might as well help out by making more spots available.”

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