June 22, 2021


It’s October, which could only mean one thing, the countdown to Halloween has officially begun.HalloweenCostume8

You’re probably thinking about who you want to be this year. A clown? Superhero? Zombie? The list goes on, but folks … the clock is ticking and soon it’ll be too late.

However, with thousands of new costumes every year, you are likely to find one that scares your grandmother silly. Or, worst-case scenario, you put a white bedsheet over your body and call yourself an eerie ghost.

Finding a costume isn’t hard. Local thrift stores, websites, do-it-yourself and traditional Halloween stores are all available to make your life a little easier. The only problem is deciding what you want to be.

“Last year I was a cop,” said Emily Bates, a customer at Spirit Halloween. “The issue with that is that every other girl was a cop as well. This year, I want to be something completely different.”

The sky is the limit when it comes to deciding what costume to wear. It’s a night of no judgment.

Brandon Reyes, another customer, said his costume last year got him some unexpected attention. “Last year I went as a pregnant woman. For some odd reason, the girls loved it.”

According to Trisha Lombardo, a public relations specialist for Spirit Halloween, the most popular costumes last year were characters from the Disney movie Frozen.

“Anna, Elsa and Olaf costumes were in high demand,” said Lombardo.

However, according to Spirit Halloween’s website (www.spirithalloween.com), the most common costumes for 2015 are themed ones from Star Wars, Descendants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Day of the Dead.

Employees at Spirit Halloween said the most popular costumes for women are ones that are more on the sexy side, such as cops, nurses, sailors and superheroes.

The trendiest costumes for men are those that are affiliated with humour, such as the wet-t-shirt Contest Winner, Ted, Big Booty Judy and Big Baby.

“Every year we have over 4,000 costumes and accessories to choose from,” said Lombardo.

Not everyone can afford costumes from Halloween stores, which is why the Internet will be your new best friend.

“I usually get my costume ideas from online,” said Nancy Thai, a first-year early childhood education student at Conestoga College. “I can’t afford to spend $80 on a costume so I look online for ideas on how to make a costume on my own.”

Another affordable way to buy a costume is going to your local thrift store.

“If I find an idea online that I can recreate, I go to Value Village and find similar items to make a costume,” said Thai. “It’s very efficient.”

Whether you have been thinking about your costume months in advance, or you’re a last-minute grab-something-out-of-your-closet type of person, costume picking is by far the best part about Halloween, next to the free candy of course.

“I love dressing up,” said Bates. “I look forward to Halloween every year.”


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