July 28, 2021


Have you ever dreamt about what it would be like to sit at a café with furry felines crawling all around you? If so, your prayers have been answered.

My Kitty Café, located in downtown Guelph inside the Wyndham Variety Store, officially opened on Oct. 17. Min Kim, the owner of the newly built café, said the idea behind the café is not only about providing food and drinks but also about giving cats a home.

“I always felt bad about seeing them in cages,” said Kim.

Customers can enjoy Korean dishes, specialty drinks, sandwiches and pastries all while cuddling and playing with furry friends.

If opening a cat café isn’t enough, Kim said you can adopt the cats as well. Could it get any better?

“There will be 10 cats at a time. If a cat gets adopted, we will bring in another one,” he said. “In the end, it’s all about the cats.”

The felines come from the Guelph Humane Society. The Wyndham Variety Store has been a satellite adoption location for the humane society since August 2014.

According to Lisa Viet, the associate director at the Guelph Humane Society, there are 120 cats waiting to be adopted.

“The adoption process goes through the humane society,” said Kim. “The cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and ready to go to a loving home. It’s such an easy process.”

The cats live at the café in an open back room with beds and a play area.

“I want the cats to feel free rather than feeling trapped in a cage,” said Kim.

As for the scenery of the café, Kim envisioned it to look more like someone’s living room rather than a café.

“It is a comfortable area. A place where people can come and be relaxed as if they are in their own home,” he said.

Before opening My Kitty Café, Kim adopted 50 cats throughout the year and found them homes. This is more than any other satellite locations, such as pet stores, vet clinics and local businesses.

“My goal is to give cats a home and if this café will do the job than I am more than just satisfied, I’m grateful,” said Kim.

Viet said My Kitty Café provides a great opportunity to promote the wonderful cats that are awaiting their forever homes.

“The cat café provides a great opportunity for patrons to interact with cats that are available for adoption through the Guelph Humane Society,” said Viet.

Ironically, Kim is allergic to cats, yet that issue hasn’t stopped his love for them.

Viet said Kim’s enthusiastic support for the humane society has been great.

“It’s amazing to see how far he will go to help cats find a home,” Viet said.

Kim is the first person to open a cat café in Ontario, which is a big stepping stone for him. “I’m excited. I’ve put in so much time and effort for these cats, I hope it all works out,” he said.

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