August 1, 2021


Ever wonder what it would be like to talk to someone who can communicate with the dead? If so, the 24th annual Psychic Fair was where you needed to be.

The fair was held at Bingemans in the Conference Centre from Jan. 8 to 10.

The room was filled with dozens of psychics, mediums, healers, readers and clairvoyants.

According to Amanda Meder, a psychic medium blogger, psychics have the ability to read someone by using clairaudient (perceptive hearing) and clairvoyant (perceptive seeing) to give an accurate and clear reading. Mediums on the other hand, receive information from a different source or spirit, to provide people with answers, support and guidance.

Admission was $8, which gave you the opportunity to go around and see exhibitors, lectures and vendors. Readings from psychics ranged from $40 to $180.

Guests roamed around the room, getting the answers to all of their questions. “I didn’t believe in psychics for a very long time,” said 24-year-old Marissa Schmidt. “But, I came to the fair three years ago and since then, I’ve showed up to every event.”

One of the most interesting people at the fair was Dorothy Kesseler, also known as The Moon Lady, a woman who shows you what the moon looked like when you were born and what it meant.

“I’ve been a moon reader for many years,” she said. “The day you were born says a lot about you. From the shape of the moon, I can predict what type of soulmate you will have and identify any future lunar birthdays.”

In the middle of the room, a display showing a Healing Crystal Skull had dozens of guests mesmerized. It is said that the skull has healing powers and anyone who comes in contact with it, will experience healing energy.

“I’m always skeptical about these sorts of things,” said Jared Clarke, who was visiting the fair with his wife. “But, it is cool to look at, and I’ve ready a lot about it actually helping people.”

Judy Abbott, a psychic medium, had her first psychic experience when she was four and has been a part of the Psychic Fair for 17 years.

“I’ve had this gift for a very long time,” she said. “I’ve been doing this for 21 years, on and off since I was a child.”

Abbott said she has the ability to see the future based on people’s energy, as well as talk to spirits.

“There have been a lot of crazy ones that I have done,” she said. “Sometimes through every reading, I go through something that amazes me.”

Abbott said although sometimes her visions scare her, her job is something that she loves to do.

“It’s my job to give people warning if the visions don’t tend to be positive,” she said. “There are days where I go, ‘How do I know this’ or ‘How am I able to do this’. It’s something that is intriguing and different.”

The Psychic Fair happens three times a year in Kitchener, and every year it seems to get more interesting for visitors.

“I tell my friends that I get readings and they think I’m crazy,” said Schmidt. “But, I was uncertain about psychics once and now that I’ve talked to some, they have helped me in a lot of ways.”

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