April 19, 2021



Dozens of stories about moms breastfeeding in public have been circling the Internet of late, becoming a hot topic that is causing lots of heated debate.
The question is, how does a mother breastfeeding her child affect you? It’s a simple question, yet most people don’t know how to answer it.

Many people are strong believers in breastfeeding, whether in private or in public. Not only is it a beautiful bonding experience between a mother and her child, it is a natural act. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to see it differently.

Joey Salads, a YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers, filmed two social experiments regarding the matter.

The first video is of a mother breastfeeding her child in public. The surprising part was the number of people who went up to her, not knowing that they were being filmed, and told her how disgusting she was and to go somewhere private.

The second video is called Sexy vs. Breastfeeding in Public. A mother breastfeeds her child in public while a model with a lot of cleavage showing sits next to her. Both men and women went up to the mother and told her how offensive and sickening she was for breastfeeding her child in public, while the woman next to her, who had more cleavage showing, was whistled at.

The media constantly features women who are barely clothed. What is the difference between looking at that and having a woman feed her child in public? There is no difference. Society has a stigma about breastfeeding being “gross” and “offensive,” but the only offensive part is that people have a problem with it.

Women have the right to feed their children in public, just as people have the right to go topless in Ontario.

In 2006, Emily Gillette from New Mexico was kicked off a Delta Connections flight in Burlington, Vt., after she refused the request of a flight attendant to cover her nursing baby with a blanket. She filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines and Freedom Airlines. As part of a confidential settlement, each carrier agreed to pay damages.

If you aren’t uncomfortable around cleavage and breasts, but get offended when a mother is feeding her child in public, maybe you should consider the fact that you are the problem, not her.

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