April 20, 2021

VIDEO: Pandemic sparks youth entrepreneurship in Waterloo Region

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 17,000 new businesses opened in December. For three consecutive months, this figure has remained stronger than pre-COVID levels. Between 2015 and 2019, the monthly average was 15,725 new businesses created.

Renovacation: What people are doing instead of traveling

Torsten Huhse, a general residential contractor with Ostwall Contracting, says that the cause of these renovations could be that consumers notice how they could use space more practically. Spending time at home forces them to look at things they’ve always meant to fix, and now they finally have the time, Huhse said.

Here is what you can expect for spring weather in southern Ontario

It’s looking like a warmer spring is in the air for Ontarians this season. Winter has clearly come to a close in southern Ontario and residents have been greeted with well above-average temperatures during mid March, but is that warm spring weather here to stay?

Pandemic worsens job search for some new graduates

“As a graduate of global business management, I was looking and hoping for a position like a business analyst or a manager at a reputed business organization but I had to settle for a customer service representative job,” said Pankti Patel, a financial services representative at one of Canada’s big banks who graduated in September 2020 from Fanshawe College