November 26, 2020

AUDIO: The pandemic that stole Christmas

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, retail outlets are preparing themselves for long line ups and angry customers. Mall Santas will be different, as the popular tradition and almost every kid’s dreams, will no longer be in place.

AUDIO: Kitchener gets social justice taskforce

The Kitchener City Council voted to hire a team of five full-time staff to address social issues in the city. The team will cost around half a million dollars and will deal with racism, inequity, poverty and homelessness.

Biden wins: Why Canada won’t be divided as easily

While American urban centers in swing states are considered bastions of Democratic votes, certain ridings in Canadian urban centers, which are also the most culturally diverse areas, will always have the occasional blue or orange riding.

AUDIO: Here’s why the Playstation 5 is selling out so fast

The long-awaited successor of the Playstation 4 is finally upon us. The powerful Playstation 5 was released on Nov 12. with two different consoles. The digital only console will be $499 and the console with a disk-drive will be $629.

Kitchener weighs in on a team to fight racism and inequality

This Monday, the city of Kitchener will be voting on establishing a team dedicated to addressing social justice issues, equity, anti-racism, poverty and indigenous initiatives. This is Kitchener’s response to Black Lives Matter protests, the housing crisis and the Land Back Camp initiative that has been occupying the Victoria Park in Kitchener since June 21. Shawn Johnston, one of the founders of the Land Back Camp, says that Kitchener’s plan … Continued