February 24, 2019

Honouring Humboldt

The hockey community stood in solidarity on April 7 as it mourned the loss of 15 members of the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team who lost their lives in a horrific bus crash in northern Saskatchewan the night before. NHL players on the Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks sported the word Broncos on their jerseys instead of their last names and moments of silence were held before puck drop at … Continued

Police have to stop shooting people

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER When people think about the worst developed countries for police-on-civilian violence, the United States usually tops the list, but not many people would guess that Canada is the second worst offender. This is according to a story in the Newfoundland and Labrador Independent titled: Stop the Killing: Fatal police shootings in Canada. It’s our belief that this issue should be getting more attention in this country. What’s … Continued

Choose the best candidate

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has had a chaotic few months that resulted in Doug Ford being named Tory leader, and thus, becoming a candidate in the 2018 Ontario general election. Already people are showing their distaste for the former city councillor and brother of the late, infamous Rob Ford, by encouraging their fellow Ontarians to vote for “anyone but him.” Anyone but him, even though the current Liberal … Continued

Maybe social media isn’t so bad

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER People give today’s younger generations a lot of grief about how much time is spent on cellphones and computers. Most say they hear it at least once a week: “Kids these days and their damn phones,” or something similar. But what if that cellphone and being on social media could result in saving someone’s life? Is this technology really such a bad thing? The Waterloo Region Record … Continued

Sexual allegation net widens – Musicians now face accusations

BY PETER SWART Sexual assault allegations have been spreading like wildfire the past six months. And it’s about time. Women have stayed silent for too long. They are taking aim at men in the business world, Hollywood and now the music industry. Recent allegations have even been made against artists who are on tour. In some instances, the tours continued as planned while in others the tour was cancelled. It’s … Continued

An opioid crisis

BY AUSTIN WELLS Earlier this month, the Canadian government created a website titled “Responding to Canada’s Opioid Crisis.” The page itself contains a number of links to research and statistics, but its main point is: Canada is embroiled in a crisis. According to statistics, opioid-related overdoses caused over 4,000 deaths in Canada in 2017, up from the 2,600 recorded in 2016. The death count is steadily rising, in part due … Continued

Number of opioid deaths alarming

BY VERONICA REINER   With the opioid blocker naloxone being offered for free over the counter, it is clear that prescription and street drug use is a growing issue. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths from prescription opioid overdoses have tripled since 1999. It is thought that because these drugs are more available than they used to be, drug abuse is easier. Online pharmacies make it … Continued

No SIS in Galt

BY TAYLOR PACE Last month, Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig told CTV News that he wants to “make it very clear to the public that from Cambridge’s point of view, we’re not supporting an SIS (safe injection site) in the downtown Galt core area.” He even went so far as to say, “were not going to do that.” But perhaps the mayor should have refrained from making such an impetuous comment … Continued

Our driver’s licence process needs a tune-up

BY AUSTIN WELLS Canada’s driver’s licensing system as it stands has existed for years, but the time for change should be now. The way getting a driver’s licence works at the moment seems simple on paper: A G1 level licence is available starting at age 16 after taking a written test, which gives you limited driving abilities, then a G2 after a year and at least 40 hours of experience, … Continued

New gun laws needed in U.S

NEW GUN LAWS NEEDED IN U.S BY Peter Swart Valentine’s Day 2018 will not be remembered for the romance in the air, but rather the day 17 high school students were killed by a gunman in Florida. It’s time for the United States to follow the lead of the rest of the world in restricting gun ownership.. The U.S. has the most guns owned by citizens in the world, about … Continued

Media’s infatuation disturbing

BY REBECCA SOARES We all have our bad moments but perhaps media outlets on the weekend of Feb. 10 went too far. The Winter Olympics began on Feb. 9 and North and South Korea participated under a “united Korea flag” for the opening ceremony and during the competition. North Korea sent Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader, to represent that country during the games. … Continued

Internet needs censoring

BY MELISSA HORTON In today’s technology-based world, the internet has become a tool to socialize with each other in new and unique ways. However, with this new tool, comes new rules but not everybody plays by them. Recently, social media networks have come under fire for the content that some users have been posting. One of the most notable is YouTuber Logan Paul, who initiated a never-before-seen level of scrutiny … Continued