March 19, 2019

Don’t express your opinion at Laurier

BY TYLER MEDEIROS Late last year Wilfrid Laurier University finally apologized to Lindsay Shepherd, a teaching assistant who aired a clip of a gender-pronoun debate. Shepherd was harshly criticized by her peers for showing the clip featuring outspoken University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson in her tutorials and not immediately condemning his views. Shepherd showed the video as part of a communications tutorial. She did this to spark a debate … Continued

Cellphones have many drawbacks

BY VERONICA REINER Throughout the past decade, cellphones and social media have had an enormous impact on our lives. The behemoth of social media, Facebook, started in 2004 and its influence has skyrocketed ever since. Other platforms followed. Smartphones have undoubtedly influenced our way of thinking, so much so that there is an actual divide between the brains of those who have grown up with smartphones – digital natives – … Continued

The time has come to take Cherry off the air

BY MIKE TURCOTTE I grew up in a household that loves hockey. Hockey Night in Canada was a huge part of my childhood, even though I never really had a huge interest myself. I grew up looking forward though, to Don Cherry, and always seeing what kind of suit he might wear that night, or his forward and blunt opinions on things. However, there have been times over the years … Continued

Additional parking garage not needed

BY AUSTIN WELLS Last week, reports were released that Kitchener officials plan to build a sixth parking garage in the city, despite the other five being underused. One of the newest lots reported 36 per cent monthly occupancy, while the market garage reported a 52 per cent occupancy. The industry average for occupancy is 86 per cent. These low numbers should be reason enough to drop the project, yet the … Continued

OSAP changes are a first good step

BY LUCAS HUTTERI I recall my OSAP application to be incredibly obnoxious and stressful to the point where I considered skipping OSAP and paying more for college just so I would avoid the headache of applying. It felt like I had spent hours trying to apply, and after I finished I asked myself if it was worth the hassle. Luckily for future students, they won’t suffer from as many OSAP-induced … Continued

Legalizing pot

BY JOSH PEDERSON The Trudeau government’s legislation on the legalization of marijuana is fast approaching, with the purchase and consumption of the earthy green substance scheduled to begin in July. It is a move that has Canadians speculating as to whether this direction is one of calculated judgement regarding the future of the country and its economy, or if it is an impulsive leap into a vast uncharted realm by … Continued

Naloxone kits coming to college

BY MELISSA HORTON The growing use of fentanyl has become a crisis in many areas including Kitchener. Politicians are grappling with how to deal with the issue, including proposals for safe injection sites in the hopes of keeping drugs off the streets. Residents have organized events to rid their neighbourhoods of needles and first responders have armed themselves with naloxone kits in hopes of reducing the number of overdose deaths. … Continued

Social mob mentality must go

BY MIKE TURCOTTE Social media has become probably one of the single most powerful and influential aspects of human interaction across the globe. Whether people use it to read about politics, inventions, discoveries, crime, or something in between, social media connects people, and shares information to the masses. However, social media is also a shining example of mob mentality, and it’s starting to get really annoying. How many people reading … Continued

Net neutrality is necessary

BY LUCAS HUTTERI The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially killed net neutrality. Last month, the five-member panel voted three to two to repeal the laws enacted just two years ago that ensured a free and open Internet. The rollback of net neutrality will affect every American, but few are aware of it, or if they are, they don’t fully grasp the situation. Net neutrality is the principle and … Continued

Year in review

BY TAYLOR PACE The new year has begun, putting 2017 in our rear view – a hard year to forget, but one many will happily leave behind. In the United States, President Donald Trump made it through his first year of presidency, wreaking domestic and global havoc by implementing the travel ban on Muslim countries, pulling out of the Paris Agreement, cancelling the Trans-Pacific partnership and naming Jerusalem the capital … Continued

Stop rejecting safe injection sites

BY TAYLOR PACE In the middle of an opioid epidemic, safe injection sites are becoming a real possibility in Waterloo Region, and we need to stop resisting them. Although regional councillors have expressed strong support for the sites, they have launched an anonymous online survey to get a consensus on whether the area wants and needs them, before making any firm proposals. Like most drug-related topics, safe injection sites are … Continued

Don’t take your family for granted

BY AUSTIN WELLS December is upon us, meaning the time for Christmas trees, candy canes and carols is finally here. People around the world are finishing up their Christmas shopping, setting up trees and decorations, and sending out invitations for their family’s Christmas dinner. However, the same cannot be said about students at colleges such as Conestoga. Having lost two of the three weeks in a standard winter break due … Continued

Negotiations outdated

BY REBECCA SOARES If only adults knew how to behave. They often criticize kids for acting like children, but sometimes they are no better. A case in point – the college faculty strike. On Oct. 16, all across Ontario, college students’ education was put on hold while the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) fought for a better deal for part-time teachers. Students were told not to worry too much … Continued

We must remain vigilant

BY LUCAS HUTTERI It has become far too common to hear of vehicular attacks in the news. It unfortunately appears to be the flavour-of-the-year for attackers. Gun violence in many countries is rare, but vehicles are available to nearly everyone and they can be turned into deadly weapons in the wrong hands. Some of the more prominent vehicular attacks in 2017 include: London, England. This city has suffered three attacks … Continued