November 18, 2018

Fashion ICONdors: Week of Oct. 4

This week’s Fashion ICONdors: Josh Peressotti, Madison Raslovetzky, Jordan Malcolm, Taylor Holley, David Brown, Heather Aube and Jerome Zedo.

Oktoberfest: the festival that keeps on giving

By Darick Charbonneau, Spoke News Oktoberfest is fast approaching, and organizers are hoping its 50th anniversary celebrations are going to be wunderbar. Kitchener’s Oktoberfest celebration started off as a small part of the Centennial celebrations of 1967, when the Chamber of Commerce gave the Concordia Club $200 and a mandate to develop a tourism event that would attract visitors.  It was a huge success, with over 75,000 visitors drinking 215,000 … Continued

Big-screen heroes boost interest at comic-book shops

By Sarah Gilder, Spoke News Old-fashioned as they are, comic book figures have been making a comeback in today’s media. With Thor, Captain America, Batman and Superman covering the screens more often today, questions arise about the comic books said characters came from. “Since [the films] came out, it affected not necessarily prices going up like everyone thinks. But what it does is —books, like Avengers books, say, in our-dollar … Continued

Fashion ICONdors: Week of Sept. 20

By Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery, Spoke News With the beginning of another school year at Conestoga, the college’s hallways turn into the students’ personal runway again. Full of people from all over the world, the college is a place where you will find a variety of styles. Here are some of the fashion highlights of this week’s Fashion ICONdors: “I think it changes from day to day. It depends how … Continued