March 19, 2019

Horoscope – Week of April 3

Aries — Don’t let the grind of a busy life extinguish your zest for life. Relief is on the way. Libra — You have recently survived a great test. Take some joy in your achievement and a well-deserved rest. Taurus — Stay grounded and you will find that there is no limit to how high you can fly. Scorpio — It is easy to be envious of those around you, … Continued

Horoscope – Week of March 27

Aries — Instead of getting angry at the next person who crosses your path, give him or her a hug. Libra — Your light-hearted approach to life will be a huge help to close friends and loved ones. Taurus — Try to remember that not everyone likes playing mind games. In fact Taurus, you’re the only one who likes it, so stop it. Scorpio — Everything is right on track … Continued

Horoscope – Week of March 13

Aries — Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen. If you need any help, get your squad and do it. Libra — A sword will cut through anybody’s body irrespective of who holds it, so get out there and do what you believe. Taurus — The thing you are looking forward to will definitely happen. Don’t rush it, don’t wait for it, it will happen when it has … Continued

Horoscope – Week of March 6

Aries — Expect to travel to a warm place soon as your partner will try to surprise you. Libra — A change of environment will bring out the best in you. Make sure these newly-acquired qualities stay with you. Taurus — A change of environment will bring out the best in you. Make sure these newly-acquired qualities stay with you. Scorpio — A change of environment will bring out the … Continued

Horoscope – Week of Feb. 21

Aries — You always try to solve everyone else’s problems; start worrying about yourself first and you’ll feel a sudden weight lift off of your shoulders. Libra — Tell people how you are really feeling. They will be there for you if you just open up a little bit. Taurus — Try not to be so predictable for a change. Do something out of your comfort zone and you’ll get … Continued

Horoscope – Week of Feb. 13

Aries — Keep working hard, for the future is filled with adventure. Libra — Don’t be too hesitant to take a helping hand. Taurus — Words are powerful, you must choose them wisely. Scorpio — If you are uncertain, now is the time to listen to your intuition. Gemini —You will make a strong and lasting friendship in the near future. Sagitarius — Listen to your heart or accept the signs … Continued

Horoscope – Week of Feb. 6

Aries — You like having things your own way and have trouble compromising. This can make life difficult at times, but you will be fine. Libra — You will meet some shady people in your life, but you are a great judge of character. You will easily determine if they are bad people or not. Taurus — Your laid back ways will prevent a fight from happening this week. You … Continued

Horoscope – Week of Jan. 30

Aries — Your charming, intellectual and sense of adventure personality will lead you to new possibilities. Libra — Balance is an important part of your life. If something in your life is uneven, find a way to balance the scales. Taurus — You’re strong, you’re tough and you are driven. Focus on yourself and accomplishing your goals. This will help form your desired future. Scorpio — You’re strong, you’re tough … Continued

Horoscope – Week of Jan. 23

Aries — This January you got off to a rough start on your New Year’s resolutions. February is coming and will grant you many new opportunities for a new year and a new you. Libra — Something simple will catch your eye this week and appear to be a beautiful masterpiece worthy of The Louvre. Taurus — Don’t be afraid to be overly self-confident this week. You’ve worked hard, rock it. Scorpio — Your … Continued

Horoscope – Week of Jan. 16

Aries – Don’t be afraid to show your leadership qualities. The people in your life may appreciate you more for the initiative you take. The smallest spark can light the biggest fire: be both. Leo – Tone is an important part of dialogue. Watch how you speak this week; opportunities may arise when your voice and demeanour is kind. Sagittarius – Luck is overrated. Your hard-working nature will bring you happiness, but only … Continued

Horoscope – Week of Dec. 5

Aries – Your words may lead you to getting stuck in a ring of fire. Be careful with what you say or you might get burnt. Leo – Santa Claus is coming to town, he sees all the good you’ve done lately and promises it will pay off. Sagittarius – Is your secret safe tonight? Being open is great, but watch out for people who are hanging around just for … Continued

Horoscope – Week of November 28

Aries It can be difficult for you to listen to others. Giving them time will lead you to new ways of thinking. Libra Love is difficult to find but not impossible if you take chances and stay determined. Taurus Your mind has grown over the last few weeks but do not forget to take care of your body or both will suffer. Scorpio You are now feeling better after a … Continued

Horoscope – November 21, 2016

November 21 – Horoscopes Aries Don’t let your aggressive nature get in the way of your friendships. You have some feedback coming your way; accept it with an open mind. Taurus Take a deep breath and step outside your comfort zone. Try something new that could get you exactly where you want to be. Gemini Getting stuck between multiple choices can be difficult; choose the one that will ensure your … Continued

Horoscopes – Week of Nov. 14

Aries: People will change their opinions of you based off a new severe life change. Avoid change this week to dodge conflicts with those close to you. Taurus: Leaving your work to the last minute has got your allies talking war. Time management will help you and those around you advance this coming week. Gemini: Your confidence is running a little low this week, surround yourself with positivity during this … Continued