December 14, 2018

College counsellors here to help

BY AUSTIN WELLS Stress is an inevitable part of being a human being. It can occur while working, and is an unfortunate part of the daily life of a college student. According to Statistics Canada, one in five Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime. While stress itself is not a mental illness, it can augment an existing condition or help cause others. While living with … Continued

Parking passes expensive: students

By REBECCA SOARES Students at Conestoga College can get to class by bus, on foot or by using their own vehicles, but the third option requires students to purchase a parking permit for either one or two semesters. A permit for one semester at Conestoga’s Doon campus costs $262 and increases to $440 for two semesters. While school administrators may believe these to be reasonable prices, students at Conestoga College … Continued

CSI may join CASA

BY LUCAS HUTTERI The future may get brighter for students at Conestoga College. Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) has been flirting with the idea of joining the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), an advocacy organization that has 22 members and represents 255,000 post-secondary students. The implications of this could impact a lot of areas. At CSI’s Sept. 20 Board of Directors meeting, Brittany Grieg and Scot Wyles gave a presentation … Continued

Waterloo weekend party cleanup a success

BY ANDREW BENNEY After the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on Ezra Street in Waterloo came to a close, the event’s focus changed from excessive drinking to something a little more orderly. Over 25 volunteers took to the streets on the morning after the parties, doing their part for the community by cleaning up the solid layer of garbage on the street. On top of this, the volunteers were also forced … Continued

Mental health being ignored

BY WENDY HUENUL-VALDES Trying to get better in the mental health unit of Grand River Hospital is hard when the only thing you have to stare at is late-80’s cafe style coffee art. The walls are painted a sad brown latte colour that doesn’t brighten anyone’s mood. And God forbid they check you in on a weekend because you won’t get any answers or real help until Monday. Canada’s health-care … Continued

Waterloo campus set to expand

BY NICOLE CLARK Conestoga College Council members were shown tentative floor plans and other details connected with an upcoming expansion of the Waterloo campus at a council meeting on Nov. 22. The Conestoga North Campus Expansion Project is expected to increase the number of full-time students at the Waterloo campus from just over 900 to more than 3,000 and will be open by September 2018. “I know the growth will … Continued

There’s a lack of respect in class

OPINION BY MELODIE LARIVIERE I was born in pretty much the middle of the millennial era. I remember when I was growing up, everyone, not just your elders, were treated with nothing but respect. Paying attention to someone was instinct; a smile was a daily expression that I gave to everyone no matter what. Speaking out of turn rarely occurred. Today, however, there is such a lack of respect. The … Continued