November 18, 2018

Let the music play

BY TAYLOR PACE A new guitar store opened in the downtown Galt area of Cambridge in February, with the owner hoping to reinforce the growing community and local music scene. The Galt Guitar Shop, located on Water Street, sells an array of guitars, ukuleles, amps and accessories. Alongside the guitars you will find owner Rob Swift, sitting comfortably in his chair in the back corner, with a picturesque view of … Continued

Small store, big personality

By CALLIE WRIGGLESWORTH If there is one word to describe Blair House Gifts, it would be “different.” The quaint gift shop, which opened last September in the downtown Galt area of Cambridge, carries a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs. Items range from jewelry and scarves to clocks and toys. “I like different things,” said Ann Dohanik, owner of Blair House Gifts. “You know, you’re trying to buy for many … Continued

Meet chess on ice

By MARK LORENTZ It might not have the superstars of the NHL, the scouts looking for the next phenom, or the big TV contracts, but the sport of curling is making big waves even on a frozen pond. The sport has been around since the 16th century, but it only really started to take off internationally when it became an official sport in 1998, at the Nagano Olympics. The rock, … Continued