November 16, 2018

College counsellors here to help

BY AUSTIN WELLS Stress is an inevitable part of being a human being. It can occur while working, and is an unfortunate part of the daily life of a college student. According to Statistics Canada, one in five Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime. While stress itself is not a mental illness, it can augment an existing condition or help cause others. While living with … Continued

Good2Talk is all ears for post-secondary students

BY CASSIDY FOULDS Every post-secondary student in Ontario has felt the heavy weight of stress. Whether that stress is due to studies, home life, familial matters, work or addictions, they all agree it feels great to get it off their chests in a healthy, safe way. An Ontario helpline can help with that. “The latest National College Health Assessment survey found that nearly 90 per cent of Canadian post-secondary students … Continued

Pregnant and alone? College and community have support services

By Christel Allison You’re in college and pregnant. That shouldn’t be the end of your life. If you’re pregnant and confused, make you way down to Health Services. College is really complicated and stressful in its entirety so, go get all the support you need. The first step will be getting a test to confirm that you are really pregnant, and then you’ll get an appointment with the doctor before … Continued