October 23, 2018

Protesters make the point that generosity can kill

By Kaitlyn Mullin, Spoke News More than a dozen people protested to put an end to panhandling at the Delta intersection in Cambridge, Ont., yesterday. The goal of their protest was to send a message to not give beggars money but, instead, donate to charities that provide services to those who are struggling. The protesters were all a part of a Facebook group called Clean Cambridge, whose goal is to … Continued

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER It’s no secret to anyone who lives in Waterloo Region that we have a homeless problem. You can’t avoid seeing it if you go through any of the three cores, whether it be King Street that runs through Kitchener and Waterloo, or Ainslie Street in Cambridge. However, few realize just how big a problem it is. Although recent statistics from the Region of Waterloo indicate there are … Continued

Ninety days in a tent for the homeless

BY DEEANNA ROLLINS “It’s nice to see people starting to feel,” said Susan Muscutt, Paul Tavares’ girlfriend, who runs the Facebook page for the 90 Days & Nights in the Cold campaign that Tavares started on Feb. 6. One entire month has gone by and Tavares is still going strong. He has slept in a tent for 28 nights now in the wind, rain and snow all by himself, and has 62 nights … Continued

Region lacks affordable housing

BY ROLAND FLEMING Natasha Carter, who has been smoking marijuana since she was 12 and cigarettes since she was 14, can finally say she is done with them. The former Kitchener resident is now 25, which means that these substances were a part of her life for more than a decade. While fierce willpower and determination have played a part in her continuing abstinence from these substances, having her own … Continued

Film festival brings more than just movies

BY JOY STRUTHERS The opening night of the 10th annual Grand River Film Festival at the Dunfield Theatre in Cambridge brought a serious issue to the attention of the community, the problem of homelessness. The film Lowdown Tracks by Shelley Saywell showcased homeless musicians in the Toronto area celebrating their music and expressing their vulnerability. Juno award-winning musician Lorraine Segato recorded the stories of some of the people she met … Continued

Helping them off the streets

By HEATHER STANLEY We often take for granted the things we’ve always had until they are gone. A home and food are readily available to many, so we often forget those who don’t have those luxuries. To help people who are displaced, hungry, and hurting, hundreds took part in the Coldest Night of the Year’s annual walk in Kitchener on Feb. 21. “It started five years ago in two cities: … Continued

14 Years Homeless: A survivor’s story

BY TONY MCLELLAN This is the first of a two-part series. As the soft-spoken man in the cherry red shirt talked in his calming, rhythmic voice, no one would guess the tragedies he has faced, the psychological terrors that he has overcome in his life. Throughout his youth he experienced the exact opposite treatment that any developing, impressionable young mind should. He suffered many subsequent hardships because of this stress, … Continued

CSI wants your jeans

Conestoga Students Inc. leadership ambassadors appeared in their underwear last week, not because it was their birthday, nor because they were participating in the naked mile, but because they care. The student leaders stripped down to their undies for the “No Pants Dance” video, which began airing on CSI TV Feb. 3, to bring attention to youth homelessness in the community. Teaming up with Teens for Jeans Canada, the CSI … Continued