March 25, 2019

The silk wall of colour

BY MEGHAN WEATHERALL On Nov. 3, 22 art pieces with the colours of the rainbow dyed onto silk and sewn-on beads were displayed in Kitchener City Hall. The Fabric of Life exhibit was held in the Rotunda Gallery. It featured Penny Grace’s art as well as live music. The wall holding the artwork was decked out in blues, shades of green and dashes of red. Most pieces were made of … Continued

Life at 5 a.m.

BY BREA BERGEN Five a.m. is an odd hour. It’s quiet, peaceful really. Many people sleep soundly through it, while others are beginning or even finishing their work days. Brian Douglas captures this early hour in his gallery exhibit entitled 5 a.m., which was shown in the Rotunda Gallery inside Kitchener City Hall throughout October. The exhibit featured photographs of not only scenes taken at five in the morning, but … Continued

Taking back the night

BY MATT HOWELL Their message was loud, concise and clear; violence against women, children and the transgendered needs to stop. An opening rally was held in front of Kitchener City Hall Sept. 25 as part of Waterloo Region’s 31st Take Back the Night event. Some of the streets were blocked off and filled with a massive crowd of women of all ages marching and carrying signs with messages of strength. … Continued