November 18, 2018

Naloxone kits coming to college

BY MELISSA HORTON The growing use of fentanyl has become a crisis in many areas including Kitchener. Politicians are grappling with how to deal with the issue, including proposals for safe injection sites in the hopes of keeping drugs off the streets. Residents have organized events to rid their neighbourhoods of needles and first responders have armed themselves with naloxone kits in hopes of reducing the number of overdose deaths. … Continued

Social mob mentality must go

BY MIKE TURCOTTE Social media has become probably one of the single most powerful and influential aspects of human interaction across the globe. Whether people use it to read about politics, inventions, discoveries, crime, or something in between, social media connects people, and shares information to the masses. However, social media is also a shining example of mob mentality, and it’s starting to get really annoying. How many people reading … Continued

Flu season strikes

By TYLER MEDEIROS The flu season is here so grab your tissues and lozenges because it is going to be a rough one this year. On Dec. 22 nurses came to the Doon campus recreation centre to administer the flu shot to any student, faculty and staff who wanted it. Most of the students who received the shot were people who were not born in Canada or who travel to … Continued

Eat, sleep, study, repeat

By TYLER MEDEIROS Exam time can be stressful for most students. It causes late night study sessions and anxiety, leaving most students wondering if they are as ready as they can be for the upcoming test. “There is nothing worse than exam time and with the recent strike everyone is worried about their grades dropping from just one test,” said Adam Vitug a first-year Conestoga business student. You can beat … Continued

Galt art studio offers more than just art

By TAYLOR PACE The owner of a new art studio in Galt believes providing customers with a positive and memorable experience is the most important part of her job. “I put people first; it’s more important for me to treat people with respect than whether I sell something or not,” said Susan Benton, a mother of two with a friendly face, who opened the doors of Cedar Lake Studios on … Continued

Advocating for the environment

BY JOSH PEDERSON To say that you have received an award directly from Queen Elizabeth II is not a feat that many of us can relate to. For Daniel Ajiroba, a bachelor of environmental public health student at Conestoga College, that was a reality, when he received the Queen’s Young Leaders Medal in 2015. This sensational accomplishment is just one of many that Ajiroba has obtained in his 30-year lifetime. … Continued

Protest for Palestine

By TAYLOR PACE A group of University of Waterloo students staged multiple peaceful protest in Waterloo Town Square last month to show their support for Palestine. Around 50 people huddled in the cold on Dec. 17, waving the Palestinian flag, holding hand-made signs and chanting phrases like “From Palestine to Mexico, all the borders have to go,” and “From Turtle Island to Palestine, occupation is a crime.” Turtle Island is … Continued

Pets are not presents

By ASHLEY SPRAGUE Every Christmas thousands of young animals are given as gifts; kittens found in stockings, puppies with crimson, red bows on their heads, all found by their unexpecting, new owners on Christmas morning. Some of these new additions to the family may work out, most, however, do not. Marisa Kelland has been a volunteer at Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) for four years. The popular cat rescue and adoption … Continued

Living the varsity dream

BY MIKE TURCOTTE Andrei Lupoae, 26, is the blindside flanker for the Conestoga College varsity rugby team which just recently secured a 35-21 victory over Mohawk College. Lupoae has been playing sports most of his life, from rugby in high school to five years of representative lacrosse, and even volleyball. Nowadays, Lupoae is living the varsity dream by playing on the college team, with games once a week, usually on … Continued

Anniversary gift will help furnish Waterloo campus

Conestoga College received a golden anniversary present earlier this year, thanks to the Ontario government. Cambridge MPP Kathryn McGarry, who is also Ontario’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, visited the college’s Doon campus on April 7 to announce a gift of $1.8 million. In honour of the 50th anniversary of Ontario’s public college system, the province is providing $50 million in one-time capital grants to the 24 publicly assisted … Continued

Security gives cars the boot

BY ROBERT JANES Conestoga College’s Security and Parking Services began the enforcement of two pilot projects on March 27. “This was our first full year of doing parking enforcement ourselves, in-house as opposed to city bylaw,” said Janet Mannella, manager of occupational safety, security and parking services. “We’ve had a few trials and errors with some things and we’ve had to adjust our approaches and one of the approaches that … Continued

February shines light on eating disorders

BY CASSIDY FOULDS The only thing more defeating than having an eating disorder is having it go unnoticed. That’s why there are weeks dedicated to raising awareness of these disorders, and supporting those affected by them. At Conestoga College, Eating Disorder Awareness Week ran from Feb. 6 to 10, but there’s still plenty of time to show support. During the entire month of February, a light is shone on the … Continued

Golf’s Steak House celebrates 40 years

BY NICOLE CLARK Golf’s Steak House and Seafood, a business that was built on determination and satisfaction, is celebrating its 40th year of operation. Mike Kanellis, founder and owner of the restaurant located at 598 Lancaster St. W. in Kitchener, came to Canada at the age of 24 from a small village in Greece called Elaiochori, which is known for its olive oil. Kanellis washed dishes for 10 months before … Continued

Married couple decides to finish high school

By ROLAND FLEMING For most of us, the idea that everyone should aspire to finish their high school education is a given, but for many in the Mennonite community this is not the case. Some have grown up in more strict Mennonite backgrounds in which a high school education was not encouraged or in many cases was actively discouraged. Many Mennonites are pressured to begin working full-time directly after Grade … Continued