November 16, 2018

Bookstore offers different price points

By REBECCA SOARES Not all establishments consider their relationships with students. Some stores don’t offer student discounts or the discount only saves the students a few dollars, but that isn’t the case with Conestoga College’s Bookstore. “We keep in mind that students have a budget and we try to offer lots of different price points,” said Grace Sham, Bookstore communications specialist. Conestoga students also have the option to purchase new … Continued

Wynne’s not a winner

BY JAMES WELLS Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne took responsibility for soaring hydro bills on Nov. 18, during her speech at the Ontario Liberal annual general meeting in Ottawa. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals are still as popular as ever. Wynne’s popularity, however, has plummeted. Ontarians are furious with the large increase in hydro prices over the past five years. Wynne’s popularity is now below 20 per cent … Continued

Parking is expensive, so are tickets

BY ROBERT JANES Parking at Conestoga is expensive, however, a local business is selling parking permits for half the price of those sold at the college. David Coros, a first-year general arts and science student, spoke to the owner of Mango King last month about possibly purchasing one of his parking lot permits. The restaurant is located near the college across Homer Watson Boulevard. “It’s 220 bucks for the two semesters and they have a $50 down payment. So as long as … Continued

Coffee Culture food good but pricey

By JESSICA PETT Seated next to a classic blue piano and a pile of books, Coffee Culture Café and Eatery, a cozy yet modern venue, begs to be enjoyed by all. Modern tile floors, furniture and fireplace contrast well with the brick walls and rustic décor. Families, elderly couples and plenty of students pile into the conveniently placed restaurant at 215 The Boardwalk in Kitchener. A young child bangs away … Continued