December 14, 2018

Legalizing pot

BY JOSH PEDERSON The Trudeau government’s legislation on the legalization of marijuana is fast approaching, with the purchase and consumption of the earthy green substance scheduled to begin in July. It is a move that has Canadians speculating as to whether this direction is one of calculated judgement regarding the future of the country and its economy, or if it is an impulsive leap into a vast uncharted realm by … Continued

Teachers need feedback as well

BY ASHLEY NEQUEST As students we receive feedback on a fairly regular basis. Our teachers constantly tell us how well we are learning the required material and how we are doing on assignments and tests. We receive posted grades and feedback on eConestoga as well as red writing all over the assignments we hand in. Teachers do all of this so we know what aspects of our course material we … Continued

Public relations students hold silent auction and coffee house

BY TAYLOR SCHWEITZER Helping out in the community is always rewarding, especially when it comes to devoting a night toward raising awareness of a charity or valuable service. On April 2, a group of Conestoga public relations students gathered at Cambridge City Hall to host a coffee house and silent auction to raise money for Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. Awakened By A Dream, a local spiritual music band, … Continued

Healthy choices start with you

BY MARISSA CUDDY The spring annual Healthy Choices Wellness Show in Cambridge is back this year on April 22 and 23. The show features about 40 vendors including Hybrid Hair and Detox Salon, Visalus Pilates Challenge and Physiotherapy and Health Cambridge. Lee Pryke is the founder of the Healthy Choices Wellness Show and her company, I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre, is one of the sponsors. Last year the … Continued

Raising awareness on taboo condition

BY MICHELLE MAISONVILLE April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Month (IBS), an often taboo condition that affects five million Canadians, one of the highest rates of IBS in the world. The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) describes IBS as “a common chronic gastrointestinal disorder that involves problems with how the bowel moves contents through our intestines and sensitivity of how the brain interprets sensations in the bowel.” People affected by IBS … Continued

Enjoy the outdoors this spring

BY JENNA BRAUN In a region consumed by commercial, industrial and residential construction, there is some solace – natural areas preserved for our enjoyment. “Sometimes I need some place to go, somewhere for inspiration or peace and quiet,” said Benji Luangxay, a third-year architecture project and facilities management student. “City life gets overwhelming.” Located in southern Kitchener is the Huron Natural Area, Kitchener’s largest and “most valuable” natural area. The … Continued

Horoscope for the week of April 11

Aries Who are you, without all the trappings? It doesn’t really matter, because this week will convince you that your exterior is the key to everything. Your wardrobe, body, hair, teeth or face? Your title, role or vehicle? Most of all, this week is about the rebirth of your reputation.   Taurus This is quite a week for everything you cover up and hide (or do behind the scenes, with … Continued

Opera lives in the Region of Waterloo

BY JOSHUA VAN OSTRAND Many think that opera is a dying art form but the Vera Causa Opera company stunned audience members with a flawless performance at the Kitchener Public Library on March 22. Over the free three-hour performance, several musicians sang and played pieces of music from both classical and modern opera. Vera Causa Opera is a non-profit opera company that was started to bring opera to audiences that … Continued

There’s so much to enjoy in Stratford

BY EMMIE SIROKY The aroma wafting out of local restaurants makes your mouth water; as you try to choose which one to dine at, another comes into view, making your choice even more difficult. It doesn’t matter which you pick, you will have a fantastic experience. You walk downtown and stop at the many beautiful stores that you never knew were there. Originally, you came for a play at one … Continued

Kitchener Comic Con fills City Hall

BY CHRIS HUSSEY Cosplayers and fans of all things geek took over City Hall for the second-annual Kitchener Comic Con on April 2nd. The event returned for its second year, and easily surpassed last year’s attendance of 3,500 people. Like many of these conventions, there were a wide variety of vendors and activities, and of course, lots of comic books.

How everyone is falling for con man Trump

BY MIKE STROMME Donald Trump is the biggest con man in American politics and everyone is falling for it. Whether you feverishly support or protest his efforts to “make America great again,” it works for him. He’s playing the competition, his supporters, his “haters” and the media like an orchestra and turning his campaign into a political freight train to the likes of which nobody has ever seen before, and … Continued

Orca decision the right one

BY  MARISSA CUDDY SeaWorld is evolving. After years of pressure from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other activist groups, they are finally changing how the orcas will be treated. They recently announced they will stop breeding orcas and phase out theatrical orca shows at all three U.S. locations. The company seems to be leaning toward more animal-free attractions, such as Mako, a 200-foot-tall roller-coaster that goes 70 … Continued

Relive your prom with Prom4Pups

BY MIKE STROMME Who doesn’t remember their high school prom? To relive it, attend Conestoga in Action’s latest charity event, Prom4Pups. On the evening of April 8, CIA will be holding a prom on campus with all of the proceeds going to Therapy Tails Ontario, a program that has volunteers and therapy dogs that go into the community to teach, listen, visit, mentor and become involved with numerous outreach programs. … Continued

Bad Reed’s just getting started

BY TAYLOR SCHWEITZER   For a small town band, having the chance to sing on stage in a bar is rewarding. To have people sing and dance along to their music, though, is the cherry on the top. On March 19, headlining band, Bad Reed from Paris, Ont. played at The Boathouse, a pub and restaurant in Kitchener. The band had people dancing and singing throughout their set. From playing … Continued