October 21, 2018

The art of storytelling

BY JOSH PEDERSON While listening to a captivating story, whether it be a fictitious old wives’ tale from grandma or remembering that hysterical Dr. Seuss book that was read to us before bedtime, our imaginations propel us into the universe of what we’re hearing, taking us on an entertaining extravaganza. To truly dazzle a listener, one must project oneself in such a way that not only grabs a person’s attention, … Continued

Storytelling and music event promotes positive dialogue

By JESSICA HAMMER Women of all ages came together to support and promote change through storytelling and live music at the Boathouse in Kitchener on Jan. 27. The event was held by Feminine Harbor Foundation which promotes storytelling and the arts. As well, this non-profit organization’s vision is to promote a positive dialogue for women of different generations and their personal experiences. “We want to encourage women to start trusting … Continued

Words come to life at Stories Aloud

By IAN MCBRIDE The art of storytelling is fascinating. For some individuals it comes naturally, while others have to work at it to be able to tell stories in front of crowds. On Jan. 9 the Baden Storytellers’ Guild hosted Stories Aloud at The Button Factory in Waterloo. Approximately 30 people attended the event. For the first 23 years the event took place at The Story Barn in Baden, but … Continued