May 25, 2024


The Health and Life Science Centre, also known as the F-wing, had its open house ceremony on Nov. 29.

The three-floor addition at the Doon campus is over 70,000 square feet and worth $19.6 million. Students, friends and family were invited to visit the campus and see the hard work that’s gone into the facility.

There are approximately 3,400 students enrolled full time in 27 programs and 200 full-time faculty and staff.

The F-wing houses programs that simulate professional practice and that are interactive, connected and complex.

The equipment there is easy to use and not costly to operate.

The centre is designed with three types of space for the students: spaces for student and faculty engagement and gatherings, group rooms and classrooms for active learning, as well as real-life learning environments.
“I love it,” said Matt Nusselder, a first-year nursing student. “It’s like our own campus. It’s all modern and feels like a university setting.”

Aside from the spacious and learning-friendly classrooms, the new F-wing comes equipped with a study/lounge area where students can spend some quiet time
Almost all the classrooms are video-adapted, as many of the lectures and examples shown are in video-format. The practice classrooms are furnished with real-life hospital equipment such as rolling beds, high-tech dummies and heart-pressure monitors.

“So far, so good,” said Kim Myre, program assistant. “I see a lot of interaction; the students are making use of the open space.

“It’s not just nursing students, but also paramedics and respiratory therapy students as well, people they might be working with down the road,” she said.

Nursing students
Photo: Vanda Dobritoiu. Conestoga College first-year nursing students spend their time in the F-wing’s lounge area, studying for finals.