October 20, 2019

Indigenous inspiration Sarain Fox visits Conestoga College on World Mental Health Day

Sarain Fox is no stranger to the effects of poor mental health, growing up with the stigma that is attached to being Indigenous. Her early life was intertwined with the pride of being Anishinaabe and the horrors of the same when school started.  Her father suffering in his own hell, eventually taking his own life, is a memory that haunts her still. Fox harnessed lessons she learned from her young … Continued

Woodstock woman loads her hearse with donations for the homeless

Woodstock woman Celina Myers is aiming to stuff her hearse with 50 backpacks filled with supplies for homeless people in the area, and then do it again as many times as she can. “Please help me fill the back of my hearse with love! Hearses may be used in the funeral industry but let us re purpose mine and make it a shuttle to help those going through a hard … Continued

NBA basketball is back: Toronto Raptors start training camp

Even after winning the NBA championship, the Toronto Raptors still feel the need to prove themselves.  A new season for the Raptors is about to begin, and they’re going to do one of the most Raptors things ever, win the NBA title and still be doubted by the rest of the league. Yes, they may have lost their best player Kawhi Leonard, but this is still a team that won … Continued

Ontario’s government mulls scrapping pit bull ban

Owners of the stocky, smooth-coated dogs say the ban is unfair. The Dog Owners Liability Act and breed specific legislation came into effect in 2005, after an attack by pit bulls on a Toronto man which resulted in the dogs being shot.