April 24, 2024

Crossing generations through the canvas with ‘The Proclamation’ exhibition at Kitchener City Hall

Featuring eye-catching artworks based on South Sudanese Shilluk peoples, the exhibit brings abstract designs and striking portraits to life. “I’ve gotten comments on the fact that this is sometimes a scary painting because of how real the eyes look as if there really is a soul behind them,” said artist Chudear Oyual. “It’s comforting knowing that in the creation of my art, my ancestors are with me.”

VIDEO: Families enjoy the Easter egg hunt in downtown Brampton

Over 100 families from the Brampton area attended the Easter Egg Hunt organized by Kennedy Road Church and the Downtown Brampton Business Improvement Association. The families enjoyed searching for Easter eggs hidden throughout the downtown and visiting local businesses.

VIDEO: The University of Guelph hosts the Kween Company’s third annual Black-owned market

The University of Guelph was buzzing with Black culture as it hosted the Kween Company’s third annual Black-owned market. The Kween Company is a Black-owned business that works to support other black businesses and initiatives in black and indigenous communities and hosted this year’s market in partnership with the university’s Student Experience Department.

AUDIO: How Conestoga students survive exam season

Exam season is fast approaching, and with that comes student burnout. Thanks to a busy work schedule and social media distractions, it can be harder than ever to focus on studying. Here’s how these Conestoga students keep their cool without failing their classes.