June 9, 2023

VIDEO: Can movie theatres co-exist with streaming services?

Have the presence of several streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney+, made movie theatres unnecessary? Theatres have had to adjust their business strategy over the past few years to keep up with direct-to-streaming movies and shorter theatrical windows for the latest releases.

VIDEO: The forced new lives of Ukrainians in Waterloo Region

Immigration is never a simple process, with applications to be approved, housing to secure, and jobs to find. But coming from a war zone, many Ukrainians had no choice but to immigrate and settle into their forced new lives in Waterloo Region.

OPINION: Is journalism dying?

As a brand new journalist without a crystal ball, I don’t have definite answers. But I do have fears, hopes, and access to a plethora of ponderings from experts. 

Ontario Catholic schools continue teaching discontinued sex-ed texts 

“Having gone through the Catholic school system myself and experienced the curriculum … [It’s] my personal opinion that it definitely needs to change and I don’t know that we are seeing a willingness for that change,” said Barry Moore, chair of the advocacy group Out on the Shelf.

Elmira Syrup festival is back in person after pandemic hiatus

The 59th annual Elmira Syrup festival is back and in person. This April people from all over will flock to Elmira to enjoy the great event. The event like many others had to shut down during the pandemic. That is where the journey back to being in person began.