August 9, 2022

VIDEO: Plants and flowers will soon be blooming

Gardening season has already begun for some residents of Waterloo Region and as the weather continues to get warmer, more will tackle their gardens. There are many ways to garden, even in small spaces. Things like hanging plants and split planters can help anyone dealing with small space. Many tips can help students shop on a budget, like splitting costs with friends. 

AUDIO: International students struggle to convert foreign currencies to Canadian dollars to pay college tuition in Waterloo Region

The initial enthusiasm of international students when accepted to study in Canada sometimes turns bitter because of the difficulties involved in paying their tuition to schools. Many face challenges converting their currencies to the Canadian dollar to pay tuition. Still, Agnes Pamilerin developed a way to ensure the college receives her payment on time.  “The major challenge that I have always faced is paying my tuition at the beginning of … Continued

Five gardening tips for beginners

The arrival of spring brings many seasonal delights to Waterloo Region. It signals the end of long Canadian winters, the beginning of warm weather, and many spring activities. One of the most popular, is gardening. Gardening can be daunting for beginners who are not quite sure where to start. For students, the benefits of developing this skill are vast. The height of exam season is now a reality for students … Continued

Gas prices taking a toll on families in Waterloo Region

The initial enthusiasm of college students who returned to in-person learning suddenly turned to regret because of the increase in gas prices in Waterloo Region. Students now spend more than what they budgeted for transportation, making it tough for students to commute to campuses.  “This increase in gas prices has been overwhelming. I usually fill my car gas tank with $35 before, but today I filled the same tank with … Continued

LUNAFEST unites women across the world with film

Female filmmakers from as near as Halifax and as far as Texas will be showcased on April 23 at the 21st annual LUNAFEST – a film festival by women, for women. The proceeds will go towards supporting local women’s charities and other women in film. Since the first LUNAFEST in 2001, more than 170 filmmakers have been showcased, with 2,700 screenings nationwide. Organizations across the world can apply to host … Continued

Online classes conflict with rental rules for some Conestoga students

How would you feel if you could only cook meals in your home at specific times? This is just one of many challenges facing international students at Conestoga College. One international student who pays $500 a month, said he can’t cook meals when he wants and he was not allowed to connect to the internet. As a result, he can only cook during his online classes. He had to buy … Continued

Students teaching abroad share experiences and offer tips

Students looking to teach abroad are in high demand in Asia and some Ontarians have met the call. Kristofer Kravis has just begun his six-month teaching expedition in Thailand while Robert Lawson has recently returned home from teaching in Seoul, South Korea, and Spain. Both of them have advice and tips for students planning to teach abroad. Provided below are some pointers on how to follow Kravis’s route to teaching … Continued

AUDIO: Will the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan follow through on its promises?

The federal government unveiled Canada’s next steps to combat climate change with the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan. This plan outlines steps to create a cleaner future for Canadians both environmentally, and economically. The goal is for Canada to reach an emissions reduction target of 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, and net-zero levels by 2050. This is not Canada’s first kick at the can for climate change … Continued

OPINION: New Star Trek is an abomination

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we’re here to make quality television.” That is what Ira Steven Behr, showrunner of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) said in the companion book to the television series, setting the stage for one of the highest acclaimed television shows the series had seen, and has yet to match.  From Star Trek’s inception in 1965, collections of different crews across different … Continued

Hespeler farmers’ market to be ‘bigger and better’ when it returns after two-year absence

June 3 is the day many people in the Hespeler community have been eagerly anticipating. The Hespeler Village Market returns after its two-year pandemic hiatus and organizers say it is ready to come back bigger and better than before. The market has been running since 2016 and takes place every Friday afternoon through late spring and summer. It consists of local vendors who can show up anywhere from once a … Continued

AUDIO: Golfers hoping to hit hole-in-one once courses open

Golfers in Waterloo Region, dust off your clubs, because the season is just around the corner. As the weather gets warmer, golfers are closer than ever to getting their first COVID restriction-free season. Many golfers are excited to have a sense of normalcy in the sport, even though they were able to play through the pandemic.  Local courses are preparing frantically as the tentative date for opening is April 8.

VIDEO: The Pulao Gals combine food and hospitality to make a home away from home

Passing by the open door of The Pulao Gals, the scent of spices – like cinnamon for kofta, and cilantro for buttering naan – hangs in the air, hinting at some of the menu items that can be found within. Once you’re inside, the warm feeling you get isn’t from the oven – it’s from the kindness owners Zerka and Shahgul Mya extend.  Shahgul and Zerka, a former Conestoga culinary … Continued

VIDEO: College students who ‘forget all the rules’ about recycling could vastly improve their recycling habits

Waterloo Region has a rich history with the blue box, particularly Kitchener which started the first blue bin program. But the student population seems neither to know nor care about this. Kathleen Barsoum, coordinator of waste management in Waterloo Region, says students need to put more effort into sorting their recycling and garbage. In this video, she speaks about the history of the blue bin and youth involvement in recycling.

Rabbits need a new home for Easter

By Ryan B Chan   Rabbits at the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth are looking for new homes after several bunnies were dropped off at the Kitchener Waterloo Animal Centre overnight Sunday, April 3. One of the rabbits was found inside a truck engine on Wednesday evening but was removed and taken to the Humane Society.  This adds to the additional surge of rabbits the Humane Society … Continued