February 25, 2021

OPINION: Heritage homes, what’s the benefit?

Many may argue that keeping these houses in pristine condition is the only way to maintain our local heritage. But that is simply not true. Instead of forcing homeowners to spend time and money on repairing these houses, why doesn’t the city invest in creating educational heritage spaces?

AUDIO: Reddit vs. hedge funds is not a David and Goliath kind of story

Earlier this year, anonymous members of the Reddit forum WallStreetBets, banded together to fuel epic gains in several stocks – local Blackberry, and now famous GameStop Corp, which is a parent company of the locally known brick and mortar game reseller EB Games.

Ontario-born pro wrestling icons finally share the ring again

The two life-long friends found themselves united on a path to be the very best. One went on to become one of the most popular and iconic professional wrestlers of all-time, while the other often found himself in his dear friend’s shadow.

How students are coping during lockdown

Since lockdown, many people have been stuck on what to do to keep themselves occupied. Two students, Ayryk Labib and Ricardo Arizpe, have been doing their best to keep busy while at home.

Popular Instagram pug hospitalized

It only took about 4 hours to raise $20,000 for Lil’ Pickles the Pug, thanks to her social media presence, her followers, and other popular dog account influencers.