October 14, 2019

Ontario’s government mulls scrapping pit bull ban

Owners of the stocky, smooth-coated dogs say the ban is unfair. The Dog Owners Liability Act and breed specific legislation came into effect in 2005, after an attack by pit bulls on a Toronto man which resulted in the dogs being shot.

K-W candidates share key views in debate on social justice

Bardish Chagger, the Liberal MP for Waterloo, Mike Morrice, the Green candidate for Kitchener Centre, and Lori Campbell, the NDP candidate for Waterloo, sat down in front of a full sanctuary to state their cases and answer audience questions at the Shaping a Just Canada town hall.

OPINION: Indigenous presence noticeably absent at United Nations’ New York summit

By Cory Bilyea The most important issue in the world today is the state of the planet. The climate, water, global warming and extreme climate change affecting the oceans and the forests are all on everyone’s radar. The treatment of Indigenous peoples across the globe in the push to claim land and resources is included in this issue, as they stand up and fight for their rights, including the right … Continued

OPINION: Inquiry needed to review firing of OPP commissioner

By Cory Bilyea After years of service to your company, winning awards and getting promoted within, you question your boss about something that you disagree with and you get fired.  Aren’t there laws against this?  No notice, no severance, just go. You could apply to the labour board or to your union for assistance, whether that be trying to get your job back or getting a payment. However, what if … Continued

REVIEW: Joker is a thrilling but hollow look into the gutter

Actor Joaquin Phoenix does a bang-up job in director Todd Phillips’ Joker, all without the ludicrous and juvenile affectations that plagued Jared Leto’s portrayal on and off-screen. Ultimately, his performance is the film’s primary saving grace.