April 22, 2019

Purebred dogs can have a ruff existence

Although eugenics is frowned upon in humans, this genetic selection has allowed people to to pick and choose what traits they want in man’s best friend However, it is causing problems.

Alice In Wonderland

Alcoholism affects more than the drinker, devastating families and friends as well. It also kills more than 4,000 Canadians each year.

LGBTQ+ Talks – A Podcast Series

It is tough to “be different.” This podcast features people who are LGBTQ+ who tell their stories and includes a call to action.

Canada a land of opportunity

For a lucky few Rohingya, coming to Canada has been a blessing. But they haven’t forgotten those they left behind.

The ‘fat’ and fiction on keto

The ketogenic diet is criticized by many, but for those who have tried it and had success, they are believers saying not only did it help them lose weight, but they experienced increased energy levels and clarity of mind.