January 26, 2022

Return to in-person classes will be phased in for Conestoga students

Conestoga Collage will use a phased-in approach for returning to in-person classes on campus. Before the winter semester began, many online classes were to remain that way until Jan. 31, when students would finally be able to attend in-person classes on campus. “To reduce the number of people on campus and help limit the pressure on strained community and health system resources for the next few weeks, the college will … Continued

OPINION: Conestoga College students offer mixed views on the phased-in return to classes

Conestoga College has pushed back the long-awaited return to campus once again. Many students won’t return until March 7. While some students believe the delay is for the best, others say a return to campus is long overdue.  Sreevalsan Nair, a Conestoga College student currently enrolled in the Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration Program, said he was looking forward to returning to campus. “I would like to explore and … Continued

African immigrant parents face difficulty finding primary schools for their children in Waterloo Region

Some immigrant parents face a lot of setbacks while searching for a school for their children, especially during the pandemic. Parents might not know how to navigate their way around Waterloo Region while some have not changed their mindset from the systems of enrolment in their home countries.  This has increased their difficulty getting a good and nearby school for their children. “I purposely relocated to Canada for my children to have access … Continued

New building for youth experiencing homelessness nears completion

You can listen to the audio of the report, or read the full news article below! “One youth on the street is one too many,” has been the long-standing motto for OneROOF, an organization that seeks to help youth experiencing homelessness in Waterloo Region especially during the pandemic.  Despite the hardships OneROOF has faced during the era of COVID-19, a new building is in development near OneROOF’s current operational facilities. … Continued

Faculty strike looms over Conestoga College after union negotiations hit a standstill

While Conestoga College continues to grapple with the difficulties of the pandemic, a new challenge has made the future for students and faculty even more unclear.  After months of failed negotiation attempts between the College Employer Council (CEC) and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), which represents Ontario College Faculty (CAAT-A), the CEC is calling for a final offer vote. The vote is scheduled to take place from Feb. … Continued

The mystery behind the mask: how to prevent and treat acne

The pandemic has left marks on lives in a myriad of ways – some of those marks are being left on faces. Acne from wearing masks, coined as “maskne,” has been a new issue many people have had to deal with. When wearing a mask for a long period of time, sweat, oil, and bacteria become trapped – creating a breeding ground for breakouts. Skin professionals, like Sofia Awani, owner … Continued

Return to campus expected at end of month

It has been a long, trying two years of mostly online learning at Conestoga College. “I’m still trying to adjust to it,” said Michael Keenan, a Professor of Electro-Mechanical and Automation Maintenance at Conestoga College. “In this [Zoom] box, I find it hard to break out into different topics, or different ways of showing information.” After originally planning to have students return to campuses in early January, Conestoga College is … Continued

AUDIO OPINION: Health tax for the unvaccinated in Ontario would be a step in the right direction

Another wave, another curve to be flattened for Ontario. For Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet, another lockdown is the default course of action. Just one province over, Quebec has attempted a wide range of measures to keep the number of infections down. From curfew to quarantine, the restrictions have been widespread, and have not come without their share of criticism. Most recently, a health tax is on the table … Continued

Future nurses say they have adapted to ‘new normal’ despite challenges of learning in a pandemic

A month before the winter semester, news hit for Conestoga students that class would remain online for January. While the continuation of remote learning was troubling for lots of students, can programs that require extra practical learning experiences afford any more remote learning? Practical Nursing is one of Conestoga’s many programs that require students to learn from experience. This program has students completing field placements for most of the time … Continued

OPINION – Online schooling has caused frustration for post-secondary students for almost two years now

As the return to in-person classes looms for college and university students, it is time to reflect on the entire online learning experience.  For the most part, the consensus is that students struggled with online learning and that was also my experience. All colleges and universities need to lower tuition. Students have paid thousands of dollars to sit at home or in their dorm. Multiple services, such as gym facilities, … Continued

Cambridge Winter Illumination installations spark joy in the community

The City of Cambridge brought back a community favourite, the Winter Illumination, to kick off this year’s holiday season. The decorative light installations spread across the city aim to bring the community together and add some light to these dark winter nights. According to the City of Cambridge website, Winter Illumination was brought back “by popular demand,” and will shine brighter with more installations than last year. Some installations will … Continued

Will the holiday season bring a fifth wave of COVID-19?

Another season, another variant of COVID-19. Following the pattern of naming variants after Greek letters, Omicron brings another beacon of mystery. First reported in South Africa, this mutation of the disease is suspected to have a higher rate of transmission yet a lower rate of hospitalization. As COVID cases rise in Ontario, up to more than 1,000 as of Dec. 10, the concerns around Omicron become more prevalent. When the … Continued

Getting a handle on winter maintenance for 2022

Infrastructure services staff at the City of Kitchener have to propose a budget to city council every year on the estimated winter maintenance costs. Though the numbers for 2022 won’t be officially passed by the city council until Dec. 13, it’s expected to be similar to previous years.  Winter maintenance covers anything from the labour force of the mechanics and drivers that provide 24/7 coverage in the winter, to supplies … Continued