October 21, 2018

Fashion ICONdors: Week of Oct. 18

This week’s Fashion ICONdors: Morgan Jadischke, Olivia Morris, Julianna Baltzer, Eric Hanson, Kiyana Wheeler, Marshall Point, Aiden Shaddick and Kelsey Turner.

Fashion ICONdors: Week of Oct. 4

This week’s Fashion ICONdors: Josh Peressotti, Madison Raslovetzky, Jordan Malcolm, Taylor Holley, David Brown, Heather Aube and Jerome Zedo.

Orange Shirt Day honours residential school victims

By Clara Montgomery, Spoke News Again this year, Indigenous communities welcomed non-Indigenous people to wear orange on Sept. 30. Orange Shirt Day falls annually on this day and commemorates what happened to Indigenous students at residential schools. “The legacy that residential schools left is pretty big. There’s intergenerational trauma,” said Raven Morand, a Conestoga College student who is Ojibwa. “You’ll have generations of people’s kids and their grandkids suffering because … Continued

Exercise, meditation can help fight stress

By Madison Kroner After a long relaxing summer break, the thought of returning to school can be extremely overwhelming and daunting. It is both mentally and physically demanding to get back into the routine of school work, which makes most students feel an unwanted high level of stress and anxiety. When starting a new academic year it’s important to set a certain pattern and schedule that works properly with a … Continued

Cambridge councillor pushing separation from region

By Jeff Halcrow, Spoke News With municipal elections next month, one Cambridge city councillor has proposed a radical change to the region, suggesting Cambridge could separate from Kitchener and Waterloo. Ward 8 Coun. Nicholas Ermeta has been sharing the idea of an independent Cambridge with other local politicians and residents of the city. If some would consider separation too extreme, Ermeta has also suggested beginning a regional services board. For … Continued

Fashion ICONdors: Week of Sept. 20

By Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery, Spoke News With the beginning of another school year at Conestoga, the college’s hallways turn into the students’ personal runway again. Full of people from all over the world, the college is a place where you will find a variety of styles. Here are some of the fashion highlights of this week’s Fashion ICONdors: “I think it changes from day to day. It depends how … Continued

Animator blazes new path with Next Gen

By Darick Charbonneau, Spoke News Wesley Rodricks considers his latest project, the animated movie Next Gen, to be the highlight of his career. The movie follows a lonely girl named Mai Su, who befriends a top secret robot that turns her life upside down as they team up to save the world from an evil madman and his army of robots. Next Gen was recently purchased by Netflix for $30 … Continued

Campus free speech policies mandated by province

By Phillip Courtemanche, Spoke News Ontario colleges and universities have been told by the provincial government that they must develop a free speech policy that would apply to students, faculty, staff, management and guests. The policy is required to meet the minimum standards outlined by the government which includes a definition of freedom of speech. The standard also states that speech that violates the law is not allowed. If colleges … Continued