December 10, 2018

Mature students keep their eyes on the prize

When students return to college after first careers or life-changing experiences, they often overcome challenges such as technology and fear of failure by staying focused on new goals and passions.

Fashion ICONdors: Week of Nov. 8 – Cambridge campus

With the beginning of November, Spoke News took another step and started to visit other Conestoga College campuses. Featured this week: Jack Taylor, Monica Kopec, Ben Green, Joshua Salama-Frakes, Eric Ruxton, Cameron Bacvar and Alexander Ince.

Fashion ICONdors: Halloween Special

Crazy costumes. Ghost stories. Tales from the world of the paranormal. Heroes, villains and everyone in between. It’s all in this special edition of Fashion ICONdors — live (or perhaps dead) from Conestoga College.