June 23, 2024

VIDEO: Can movie theatres co-exist with streaming services?

Have the presence of several streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney+, made movie theatres unnecessary? Theatres have had to adjust their business strategy over the past few years to keep up with direct-to-streaming movies and shorter theatrical windows for the latest releases.

Toronto Comicon, equal parts the same as it was different

Have you ever played Call of Cthulhu? It’s a game that requires wit, a roleplaying spirit, and sometimes even background music to set the tone. At least, that is what the panel called “How To Get Started in “Call of Cthulhu” 7th Edition” said, one of many panels to return to Toronto Comicon this past weekend.  The three day convention, March 18 to March 20, is part of the bi-annual … Continued

Conestoga College Recovers from Phishing Email Scam

By: Ryan B Chan Feb 24. 2022.  Conestoga College has recovered from a phishing email attack that targeted the student body and faculty.  At 3:21 PM on Feb. 4, Conestoga College’s Cyber Security team announced that a phishing email was sent to some of the email addresses that are associated with the college. “Several Conestoga accounts were compromised through a phishing campaign. That access was leveraged by the malicious actor … Continued

Cybersecurity experts warn of social media impact. Phishing a particular risk

By Ryan B Chan Cybercrime has nearly doubled since 2018 with a total impact on the global economy nearly reaching one trillion in 2020, according to Parachute. While cybercrime usually impacts businesses, there is still a significant risk for individuals through social media phishing. While phishing has historically been done via email where users would click links that would expose them to malware, a study by Blackhat found that social … Continued