September 23, 2019

These local canines are doggone cute

Kitchener has a population of around 242,000 people, many who are pet owners. Meet some of the dogs who have forever homes in the area, and others who are hoping to be adopted.

Bringing Billy Van back to life

With a tiny museum and an upcoming biography, super fan Stacey Case and writer Greg Oliver are reawakening interest in the master of the Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

The man behind the bottle

Although he spends a large amount of his free time at the local bar, a man from Blyth, Ont. also has a hobby – helping others.

Fashion ICONdors: Week of Nov. 8 – Cambridge campus

With the beginning of November, Spoke News took another step and started to visit other Conestoga College campuses. Featured this week: Jack Taylor, Monica Kopec, Ben Green, Joshua Salama-Frakes, Eric Ruxton, Cameron Bacvar and Alexander Ince.