September 26, 2023

VIDEO: Can movie theatres co-exist with streaming services?

Have the presence of several streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney+, made movie theatres unnecessary? Theatres have had to adjust their business strategy over the past few years to keep up with direct-to-streaming movies and shorter theatrical windows for the latest releases.

OPINION: Cambridge pedestrian-only season is a boom for Hespeler

This is a sort of energy and vibrance that one never really felt in Hespeler, despite all its small-town charm, until the introduction of the on-street patio program in the summer of 2020. The program was initially conceived to help businesses – especially restaurants – that were most heavily impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns.

OPINION: The time has come for Canada to drop the monarchy

The time has come for Canada to become a republic akin to France or the United States and to drop this antiquated political system. We as a country deserve to be represented by a head of state who actually resides in Canada.

OPINION: New Star Trek is an abomination

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we’re here to make quality television.” That is what Ira Steven Behr, showrunner of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) said in the companion book to the television series, setting the stage for one of the highest acclaimed television shows the series had seen, and has yet to match.  From Star Trek’s inception in 1965, collections of different crews across different … Continued

OPINION: Field Placements most important step in road to graduation

As college and university students look to graduation, many have vital experience in their field all because of placements. Field placements should be something every program includes because students need to have work experience on their resumé post-graduation. Kennedy Player-Reid, a sport media student at Ryerson University, is grateful for her field placement opportunity with the Hamilton Bulldogs of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). “I think the opportunity really pushed … Continued

OPINION: If we pay more at the pump, our planet could pay less of a price

Driving by the gas station and seeing the numbers plastered on the big, bright sign out front has been dreadful for the last month or so. The numbers, if they do go down, don’t seem to stay there for long. Russia’s war on Ukraine, Ontario lifting COVID-19 restrictions, and the government’s recent increase of Canada’s carbon pricing on April 1, are all contributing factors. However, as aggravating as it may … Continued

OPINION: Highway speed increase could cause more anxiety for teens learning to drive

Learning to drive can be a terrifying experience for some, especially if you’re taking your final test on a highway. For teens, an increased speed limit on some highways could add to that anxiety, which could detour them from completing their full G licence. In Ontario, for an individual to complete their G licence, they must first meet the requirements of completing their G1 and G2 tests along with knowing … Continued

REVIEW: My search for a retinol product for acne that works on dry skin has ended

Battling acne is not an easy feat. But when you’re prone to dehydrated skin and eczema, it complicates things a little – so many acne-fighting products contain chemicals that dry out your skin. Retinol can be a product that balances fighting acne without being too drying, but it can be intimidating to pick the right brand. Retinol is a type of retinoid, derived from vitamin A, and can be used … Continued

REVIEW: Attack on Titan needs a third instalment for the fourth season, but fans feel misled

The anime that has taken the world by storm, Attack on Titan, has announced that there will be a third instalment of the “Final” season. But the “Final” instalment of the popular anime won’t be released until early 2023, which means fans will have to wait just under a year for the conclusion of the gory, complicated, philosophical experiment that is Attack on Titan. The series follows the lives of … Continued

OPINION: Minimum wage increases, but it’s not enough for single living expenses

When we graduate high school, most dream of seeking a higher level of education to discover themselves and achieve their dream jobs. But for some, this type of education is not possible, resulting in them seeking either part-time or full-time employment that pays only minimum wage. On April 5, the Ontario government announced that the minimum wage will increase to $15.50 per hour from $15 per hour beginning Oct. 1, … Continued

OPINION: Bill C-11 is an unnecessary trampling into the internet

You turn on the radio and a song plays that you can’t recognize. Must be from a Canadian band. You sit down in front of your TV screen, and you see shows that you don’t recognize. Must be from a Canadian studio. Under Bill C-11, you could be scrolling YouTube with a patriotic glint in your eye alongside a federal and corporate algorithm; one for you and one for Canada.  … Continued

Audio Review: Thus Owls ‘Who Would Hold You If The Sky Betrayed Us?’

Thus Owls is back with their seventh project. The married duo of Erika and Simon Angell, originally from Sweden and based out of Montreal, have been set to prove just how far their combination of jazz, improv and alternative indie could persevere project upon project. With ‘Who Would Hold You If The Sky Betrayed Us?’ they aspire to bring another whirlwind of continuous sound in 66 minutes, but does the … Continued

OPINION: Does Ryan Reynold’s character in The Adam Project feel a little too familiar?

Beloved actor Ryan Reynolds stars in his first Netflix original film, The Adam Project, which released earlier this month on March 11. The movie is an action-packed sci-fi adventure featuring time travel, high-tech equipment, and an interesting take on where the future of science and physics might lead us in our technological developments. Apart from Reynolds, the cast is star-studded with other household names like Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. … Continued

VIDEO REVIEW: Shatter Me will shatter you using all the words imaginable

Reading is a great way to relax, but it can also improve your mental health. You can put your current world behind you and dive into one that will sweep you off your feet; you can meet new and interesting people along the way. Shatter Me is a dystopian novel written by Tahereh Mafi. Mafi uses exceptional writing and description that will transport you into a world that could potentially … Continued