October 21, 2018

Automated apocalypse looming

OPINION By Nathan Timmerman There are many avenues into the future that could possibly lead to a calamitous destruction of our society. Climate change, natural disaster, war and an uncertain geopolitical landscape all pose grave dangers, and are routinely discussed. However, there is a perilous change occurring within the fabric of society with substantially more imminent implications than climate change. Something that, unlike war or foreign dictatorship, is rarely addressed and … Continued

Diet, a complex web

OPINION By Nathan Timmerman Despite our lack of claws or large canines humans have been finding ways to hunt and kill ever since we decided to stand up on two legs and walk out into the unforgiving African savanna. The consumption of large quantities of calorically dense fat and protein is likely what allowed us to grow the prestigiously large bundles of fat found in our heads, which we subsequently … Continued

Bottle shaming is real

OPINION By Rose Vangrootel Body shaming has become a well-used term in social media and in news stories even though bullying and making fun of the shapes and bodies of others has happened since the beginning of mockery. However, the term bottle shaming has become well used as well. Bottle shaming has nothing to do with alcohol. Rather, mothers across the world are being criticized and left feeling inadequate because … Continued