May 30, 2024

Drake has consistently delivered timeless albums for many years now, cementing his name as one of the greatest artists of our time. He holds several records, outperforming even legendary artists such as Michael Jackson and the Beatles. On Oct. 6, Aubrey Drake Graham, the rapper, and singer from Toronto, released his 8th studio album titled For All the Dogs at 6 a.m.

Drizzy’s new album features 23 songs and includes guest appearances from notable rappers such as J. Cole, SZA, Yeat, 21 Savage, Bad Bunny, Lil Yachty, and more. One of my favorite tracks from the album is “Daylight,” which features a verse from Drake’s son Adonis Graham, who just turned 6 years old in October. Adonis stole the show with his verse, making it a memorable moment on the album.

Fans of the rappers Aubrey and J. Cole had been eagerly anticipating a collaboration between the two for a long time. Despite frequently mentioning each other in their songs and having a good relationship, they had never worked together on a project before. Finally, their first song, “First Person Shooter,” was released, and it did not disappoint. The two artists delivered a tremendous track that could easily be considered one of the best on the album.

I enjoyed the collaboration on “IDGAF” between the young rapper Noah Olivier Smith, who is mostly known as “Yeat” from California, US. The way their vocals complemented each other and the flow of their bars on the track was truly amazing for rap enthusiasts like me. Both singles featuring J. Cole, “First Person Shooter” and “IDGAF,” are competing for first place on the Billboard charts.

The rapper, who has released numerous studio albums, collaborative albums, mixtapes, extended plays, and several singles throughout his music career, announced that he will be taking a break from making music.

“I Probably won’t make music for a little bit,” said the rapper, on a radio channel called “Sirius XM Radio” after the release of his album. “I need to focus on my health first and foremost” added the rapper while talking about his health. “I need to get right, I have a lot of other things that I would love to focus on. So, I’m about to lock the door on the studio for a little bit, I don’t even know what a little bit is maybe a year or something or maybe a little longer” stated the rapper, while expressing concern about his health due to something related to his stomach, clarifying that it’s not something severe.

Drake is not only popular in Canada but also worldwide. His music has a great influence on people. He ranks third in terms of most listeners on Spotify, with nearly 83 million monthly listeners, after The Weeknd and Taylor Swift. I hope that our beloved and talented rapper recovers from his health problems and any other issues he may be facing, returns to making music, and excels in all aspects of his life.

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