June 12, 2024

A new Bollywood film, Tiger 3, directed by Maneesh Sharma, was released on Nov. 11, 2023, on the auspicious Indian festival of lights, Diwali. This film is a sequel to the famous movie Ek Tha Tiger. The film stars globally renowned and some of the wealthiest celebrities in the world, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi.

The film discusses India’s conflicts with neighboring nations and the clash between two armies. Khan portrays the movie’s main character, Tiger, who operates as an agent of the Indian army. Kaif is playing his wife’s role in the film, who used to be formerly associated with the enemy organization. Hashmi plays the main villain, operating on the sidelines with connections to corrupt individuals in Pakistan’s army.

A notable scene in the film involves Shah Rukh Khan rescuing Salman Khan from prison after he gets caught. The scene was almost ten minutes long, an eyegasm for people who love watching Bollywood movies.

 For those unfamiliar, Tiger assisted Shah on a mission in the film Pathan, so he had to return the favor and save his friend. “My favourite scene from the film was when Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were fighting together; I really loved the film,” said Abhishek Beria, expressing his enthusiasm while standing outside the Cineplex Cinemas in Kitchener.

I saw the movie on its opening day, and the Cineplex theater was fully booked. I ended up getting B-row tickets and left with a sore neck. However, the movie was worth it, and I chose to see it on the first day since I’m a big fan of Khan and watched almost all his films on the first day.

 My favorite scene was when Khan and Kaif were in disguise fighting each other in a scene for the sake of their son’s life, without knowing that they were fighting each other.

At the end of the movie, Khan saves both his son and Pakistan’s prime minister from Hashmi’s plan to kill her while also defeating Hashmi. The film portrays the political conflicts between nations while highlighting that we are all human beings who bleed the same. It sends a positive message of peaceful coexistence and emphasizes the need for mutual understanding and acceptance between nations. I highly recommend the film to those who love Bollywood or want to see an action-packed movie.

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