July 13, 2024

Students got their ’stashes appreciated at Conestoga Students Inc.’s “’Stash Bash” – a night of appreciation for all the males – and females – who participated in the event.
Valid student and photo ID was required to attend the event held Nov. 30 in the Sanctuary. Appetizers were provided and the bar was open. The event was emceed by Dini Dimakos, and featured the comedic acts of Trevor Borris and Eddie Della Siepe who have performed at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club.
“All Mo-participants are invited to take part in our judged Mo-contest in order to win some fantastic mo-prizes,” read the event description on the CSI website.
Movember was held during November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.
“This was the first year we’ve ever done this event, and it was a great test trial,” said CSI president Ciara Byrne.
There were seven categories which were judged by the audience. They were:

  • The Lame Mo which was an encouragement award for the moustache on a student that produced a wispy effort.
  •  The Ultimate Mo was awarded to the student who went to the effort of carving his moustache into something unique.
  •  The “Best Moustache Brother and Sister Combination,” which was awarded to a male/female duo who resembled a historic famous couple.
  •  Best Mo Team
  •  Best Mo in Character.
  •  Miss Movember – awarded to CSI graphic designer Kelsi Wilson.
  •  Man of Movember – awarded to second-year woodworking student Frank Lupo.
    Miss Movember and Man of Movember were given to the two people who did the best job of hyping the event, showing team spirit and promoting it at the school for the entire month.
    All category winners won $25. Miss Movember was awarded $50 and the Man of Movember received $100.
    The Sanctuary wasn’t packed, but the cheers and noise sure made it seem fully-occupied, said Byrne.
    “We’re looking forward to doing this again next year, perhaps during school hours next time to get more students involved,” she said.