June 15, 2024


A new year also brings some new resolutions and the recreation centre is happy to help out.

After a long break over the Christmas holidays, intramurals have returned for the winter semester at Conestoga. 

There has been an increase of 100 students who have signed up for winter intramurals as opposed to the fall semester which is likely the result of students wanting to cut down the turkey fat accumulated over the holidays.

“Total numbers are about 450 first semester and 550 this semester. The main difference is the addition of soccer for the semester,” said Katie McCartney, director of intramurals. “We see our increase in the weight room and with the fitness classes.”

McCartney says intramurals aren’t just a way to stay in shape, but they are also an outlet to meet new people and acclimatize to a new environment if you happen to be living away from home.

“Some people move away to school and don’t have the same outlet for athletics as when they lived at home or were in high school.  Intramural sports allow students to participate around their school schedule and meet new people,” she said.  “Also, remembering that not all participants would have played the specific sport before, it gives them an opportunity to try something new.”

Sports offered this semester include ball and ice hockey, volleyball, soccer and even dodge ball. 

Not surprisingly, McCartney says the big draw for the winter semester stems from the ball and ice hockey leagues. 

After a few instances with drinking in the change rooms prior to and after games, rules were implemented to provide safety for all participants.

“If a student is found to be under the influence we will take action and have them removed from playing for the safety of other students,” said McCartney.

Students must also be full-time Conestoga students to participate in intramurals.