May 30, 2024


On a day that featured lots of snow, Sheridan College made matters worse, ensuring everyone except themselves went home feeling the winter blues.
Conestoga College hosted its 15th annual indoor soccer alumni tournament on Jan. 29 which had Conestoga, George Brown, Canadore, Sheridan, Fanshawe and Centennial all participating. Sheridan College was crowned champion after defeating Fanshawe College 2 to 1 in the finals.
The alumni teams were split up into two divisions, each with one alumni team.
These teams had older, more experienced players who took control in their early games and showed that experience helps. The teams also scored wins, including the second alumni team overtaking Conestoga in a close game. That same team continued their strong play but it wasn’t enough.
The alumni lost the semi-final match to the eventual champions, the Sheridan Bruins.
Conestoga College was in tough during their first game of the day, tying George Brown College 0 to 0.
A few hours later, Conestoga battled Canadore College as the Condors fought their way to victory, winning the game 1 to 0.
Things were looking up for the Condors as they went into their third game of the day against an alumni team.
But experience showed and Conestoga lost a thrilling match that featured solid goaltending and amazing chemistry on the court.
With the lose, Conestoga had to sit and wait in the stands to see if they were going to move on to the next round.
George Brown defeated Canadore College 1-0, eliminating the Condors in the process.
Head coach, Aldo Krajcar, talked about his team losing focus during the home tournament.
“I am a little disappointed, not because we lost, it was the way we lost. I don’t think the focus was there.
“At our last tournament in Centennial, the players were playing against better teams and we did better,” he said.
According to Krajcar, the Condors’ defence was the main reason for the team’s loss. The defence turned the ball over, especially during the game against the alumni.
The coach called defence the “springboard” to getting more pressure on the opposing team that will eventually lead to better scoring chances.
The coach said the team will continue to train hard and work on different defensive techniques during practice in the weeks to come.
After the team was sent packing, Krajcar wasn’t willing to lay the blame on any individual player.
“We win together, we lose together, and it’s my fault just as much as theirs. I am never going to blame anyone for losing and I am never going to praise too much for winning,” he said.