June 12, 2024


Are you an awesome person? And if you are why weren’t you nominated for the G. Al Logan Memorial Award?
The award is given to students in their second year or higher.
According to the college website, it’s given to students who “display a warm enriching attitude towards the college and community.”
“We want to honour a student who: has demonstrated a warm and caring attitude; demonstrates initiative and leadership; has been available to help and support other students (other than paid positions); and has a sense of humour.”
Students could nominate other students by filling out a ballot with their reason as to why their chosen student should win the award. The nomination deadline was Jan. 31.
Last year’s winner of the award was third-year health informatics management student Stephanie Den Haan, who, at the time, was not aware of the award. “All I did was be myself,” she said.
“As I did not know the award existed, I was very honoured and humbled as it was never my intention to be awarded for being me,” she joked.
“I tried to make eye contact with everyone and smile regardless of their position in the college as we are all equal. I would wear silly hats just to make people laugh.”
A student who receives this award is being helpful without reaping any benefits.
Haan said she would volunteer to help people in class, and always stick up for those who were being picked on.
She also volunteers with Disability Services’ Bridge program as a program assistant. She is matched with students who need help.
She also volunteers to sit on the student panels in the leadership courses, sharing her knowledge of the Bridge program.
In addition, Haan organized a garage sale to raise funds for the medical bills of a college employee’s partner after she became sick and eventually died.
“I also participated in orientation days at the college, helping to attract students to the health informatics program,” she said.
Haan received a plaque, but this year the award also comes with a gift.
Haan believes that being yourself is all you need to do to receive this award.
“It is difficult to recommend anything to other students as I believe it is the person’s character that others see and that is how they are nominated.
“Being positive in everything they do and helping others is beneficial,” she said, adding, “Thinking about others first is a great quality of a recipient of the award.”
The winner this year is expected to be announced by April.