June 12, 2024


If you’re looking to get a degree, don’t think your diploma years were a waste.
A university workshop was held in the atrium at the Doon campus on Jan. 23 to inform students about options for their futures.
Knowing which universities will honour your college credits can save time and money.
At the workshop universities from across Canada and the United States set up booths where students could obtain brochures and charts as well as free pens, buttons, stress balls and other items.
Students learned there are many schools that will take your credits and transfer them easily and almost equally as long as you have good marks and are applying for a similar program.
“What I’d recommend is students who have a two- or three-year program/diploma should look for a university who will accept your credits so that they don’t have to start over again,” said Christopher Marx, director of transfer articulation at Davenport University in Michigan. “There are many reputable universities that will work with students.”
Schools in Canada usually do not match credit for credit, however, some do get close.
“Algoma is one of the most generous in the country; one year equals 30 credits,” said Paul Quesnele, admission adviser at the university.
For students who are looking to leave the country for school, your credits will most likely transfer straight over.
“United States schools bring in your full diploma,” said Daniel Toland, dean of admissions at Northwood University in Michigan. “They’ve always worked with transfer students, but it’s newer to Canadian schools. We also have a transfer scholarship that you automatically receive depending on your grades.”
Universities are good at accommodating college students who have already completed college courses, so make sure you do your research before switching schools.