June 12, 2024


PHOTO BY JAZLYN SLACK Participants plunged to raise money for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada during Conestoga Students Inc.’s annual Polar Plunge on Feb. 28. Jumpers dressed up in costume and raised a total of $12,000, like Matt Martin, a third-year mechanical engineering automotive student.

The $12,000 raised in this year’s Polar Plunge on Feb. 28 helped warm up the shivering participants – along with free soup, hot chocolate and energy drinks.
“When something hits so close to home it makes you do crazy things,” said Jessica Froll, a first-year general arts and science student. The crazy things she was referring to was dressing in a ladybug costume and jumping into an icy swimming pool filled with freezing cold water to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.
And she wasn’t the only one; almost 50 people leaped, dove or backflipped into the pool to support this year’s Conestoga Students Inc. Polar Plunge.
Jodie Devries and Jessica Shott, both first-year early childhood education students, kept their minds off the jump they were about to make by competing in a dance-off held by the campus radio station, 88.3 CJIQ. Both were supporting the cause on behalf of their grandmothers who battled breast cancer.
First-year general arts and science student, Pandora Foster, also knows the disease all too well after it claimed a family member.
“My aunt died from breast cancer. I’m all for breast cancer awareness and research,” she said.
She made sure to show her enthusiasm — and preparedness — for the plunge with a sparkly blue diving mask and snorkel to complete her already colourful outfit. 
Other participants just wanted a thrill. Brittany Frank, Becky Dallner and Hala Qutteineh, all financial planning students, were jumping to relieve some of their midterm stress in addition to supporting the cause.
More money was raised beyond the fundraising done by participants through a raffle for HockeyFest tickets. People who donated $1 for breast cancer research received a ticket.
“We’re saving boobies one loonie at a time!” said Steph Krulick and Tara Kropf, both third-year business administration marketing students, who were selling the tickets.