May 30, 2024


21 Jump Street is a hilarious hit, thanks to taking a comedic spin on the former television show from the ’80s that starred Johnny Depp.
In this film, usual romantic comedy heartthrob Channing Tatum takes on a different role as Jenko. Alongside Tatum is Jonah Hill, who plays Schmidt.
The entire movie features non-stop hilarity thanks to the interesting matchup of Hill and Tatum. The two perfectly contrast each other’s characters, while still working off of each other’s humour.
Jenko and Schmidt end up in the police field, helping each other either with academics or fitness. The two become best friends and partners. They get assigned to go down to 21 Jump Street, where police who have not yet made an arrest are sent. Their mission is to go undercover as high school students to find out who is the supplier of a new drug at a local high school.
When the two head back to school, playing students much like themselves during school, they find out that the newer generation is very different than what they remember.
Jenko’s “cool” ways, which consist of not caring and being academically lazy, are no longer considered cool. He finds that he doesn’t fit in like he used to, whereas people come to like Schmidt, making him the popular one. Dealing with the confusion of their roles makes focusing on the youth drug crimes even more difficult.
As the two face identity mixups, car chases and unwanted drug use, there is not a boring moment. Most remakes are never as good as the original, but this film took the old television show to a completely different place.
A surprise cameo is also made by star Johnny Depp, showing that the film’s producers took a light-hearted approach with the new version.
Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller took a very simple spin on the movie that allows the actors to make it entertaining and funny.
The comedy, which was released on March 16, is being called “the next Step Brothers.”
It topped the box office its first weekend, raking in approximately $35 million.