May 30, 2024

Every once in a while a record comes out that showcases undeniable talent — a record that makes your skin crawl with emotion, making you want to cry tears of joy and sorrow all at the same time.
Cheap Girls’ new gem, Giant Orange, offers you that type of experience.
Produced by Tom Gabel of the Gainesville, Fla. punk band, Against Me!, the album showcases examples of a blend of hard and blues rock genius that allows fans to hear impeccable timing, well-penned lyrics and a full heart and soul effort.
The original recording contains 10 tracks with an additional bonus track on the first thousand released, and features classic rock and roll sounds. With low-fi guitar throughout many songs, fans are given an interesting acoustic break, four tracks in on Cored to Empty.
Referencing iconic punk legends, Social Distortion, on the upbeat, fast track, If You Can’t Swim, allows for blazing guitar riffs from start to finish. The album’s bonus track, Dim Lights, allows fans to hear the band’s softer and more complex approach to music making, with a country/folk feel, which is broken up by a strong drum solo part of the way in, and dark rhythmic sounds throughout.
Cheap Girls puts forth an effort that is often missing in many new releases among the underground landscape, which feature quickly produced and recorded material.
Giant Orange, the third full-length album by three boys from Lansing, Mich., stays true to their unique blend of hollow, haunting vocals and bluesy post-hardcore sound. And it’s a very reassuring example that will remind fans of the greatly underrated punk-rock scene, which is still producing new and inventive creations.