July 23, 2024
PHOTO BY TORIE ROTH - Advanced police studies students Shandi Hemstra (left to right), Heidi O’Neil and Shyanne McGregor co-ordinated a hockey tournament on March 6 to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation.


The Sunshine Foundation is the only national Canadian charity making dreams come true for children with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses.
To help the charity, the advanced police studies students at Conestoga College held a hockey tournament, barbecue and raffle on March 6, setting a goal of raising $3,000.
“Our program wants us to do something for the community since policing is a community thing,” said Heidi O’Neil, an advanced police studies student and one of the event co-ordinators.
Money was donated in memory of Colleen Holmes’ son, Danny. Holmes is the students’ fitness coach at the college whose son died of cancer. Danny would have turned 19 years old this year. The donation was called the “Danny Plan,” and is being used to have 80 children flown to Disneyland, making their dream come true.
Since there are only 18 students enrolled in the advanced police studies program, students from any program in the school were able to enter a team in the road hockey tournament and each student paid $10 to participate.
“A lot of us joined because we want to be a part of the community and help people out. Most of us graduated from police foundations last year and some of us have come from different universities. All 18 of us have really come together to put this event on and I’m really proud of all of us,” said Shyanne McGregor, another co-ordinator and advanced police studies student.
The charity event raised $2,500, $500 short of its $3,000 goal. However, they expected another $500 to be donated after the event.