June 15, 2024


I recently dined at Moose Winooski’s and found the food amazing, but the service was even better.
We were seated the moment we arrived, and our server, Chris, appeared seemingly out of nowhere like some sort of restaurant ninja. We looked over our menus but oddly enough there weren’t any drinks on them. Chris listed off the drinks from memory, and brought them back three minutes after we’d ordered them.
The restaurant was full including the patio thanks to an oddly warm March day.
Twenty-one minutes after arrival our food was delivered. My father’s Alaskan steak sandwich was cooked perfectly and a plate of nachos my mom and dad shared was huge. Both said they were fantastic and loaded with toppings including some very spicy peppers. The nacho chips remained crunchy which to my parents is important. I had Papa Winooski’s Famous Pizza and it wasn’t hard to see why it got its name. The sauce was tangy, the pepperonis were delicious and the crust was very crunchy.
We were offered dessert but we were too full. Next time I go I’ll have to make sure I try the apple pie — if it is anything like the other food it’ll be delicious.
Forty-three minutes after arrival we had our bill, which totalled $57, an amount that was well worth the quality and quantity of food and service we received.
Overall, Moose Winooski’s is a great place to eat. The service is fast and the atmosphere is fun. I strongly recommend the restaurant to anyone who loves good food and an amazing atmosphere.