July 13, 2024


PHOTOS BY TIFFANY WILSON On a warm, but brisk afternoon, Waterloo Public Square was filled with pillows and people as they participated in International Pillow Fight Day. The pillow fight broke out in 115 cities around the world, including in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. Thousands gathered to plow complete strangers with the intention of having fun.

As pop music blasted over a loud speaker and soapy orbs floated in the breeze, residents of Waterloo Region were being whacked in the head.
April 7 was International Pillow Fight Day and this was the second year in a row that Dan Lauckner, event organizer for www.kdub.ca, planned the pillow fight in Waterloo Public Square.
“I went to Toronto’s pillow fight a couple of years ago and thought that we could totally do it here,” he said. “It’s great that we have an audience for this sort of thing.”
Kdub.ca promotes free and family-friendly fun.
“We’re not collecting money for charity. We’re not raising money for anything. It’s free and it’s just fun,” Lauckner said.
The rules were simple; soft, feather-free pillows only, you couldn’t swing at people who didn’t have pillows or those who had cameras, you had to swing lightly, wait for the signal to begin, remove your glasses beforehand and clean up after yourself.
Kelsey Burton, a fourth-year psychology student at the University of Waterloo, said she stepped out of The Shops only to be shocked by what she saw.
“I’m from a small town and you don’t see this every day,” she said. “I saw a bunch of colours and wondered what was going on. This is hilarious. It looks like a lot of fun.”
Lauckner’s fiancée, Chrissy Letson, said, “The atmosphere and diversity are great. You see little ones out here that can barely walk and grandmas and grandpas hanging out. It’s just good vibes.”