May 30, 2024


Summer is around the corner but unfortunately there is one thing standing in the way of that four-month break – exams.
Stress, piles of textbooks to study, assignments and a lack of sleep are not the way you want to begin your summer, however, there is no way of escaping.
But you can get some relief.
This week, from April 17-20, the Cambridge campus is hosting exam relief week.
On Tuesday, you can head to the cafeteria to enjoy a $2 slice of pizza. On Wednesday you can head to school for “Wake-Up Wednesday,” and enjoy refreshments, cookies and muffins starting at 9 a.m. At 1 p.m. on Thursday, head to the CSI office in Room A2108 for free popcorn and end the week with “Red Rave Friday” with free energy drinks all day long.
There are so many symptoms that could tell you when you’re stressed. Some include headaches and backaches, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating.
Last week, students at the Doon campus had the opportunity to enjoy a Stress Free Zone, hosted by Counselling Services. Students were able to enjoy free mini massage therapy sessions, reflexology and healthy snacks.
“Counselling Services recognizes stress and we want to help give back in every way we can,” said Doon counsellor Lynn Robbins White. “We see a lot more students that we had never seen before at this time of year. A lot of them come in saying they wished they had come in sooner.”
You can also take some steps yourself to relieve stress. Things you can do to relax at home include: going to the gym, walking outside, relaxing and breathing, you can talk to people such as a counsellor or your friends and family and, don’t forget, summer is just around the corner.