June 21, 2024

Spoke Online


Every last e-ballot has been counted and the names of the newly elected Conestoga Students Inc. board of directors have been released.

The  new board members are Danielle Wingfield, Cameron Jones, Kevin Bluck, Jennifer Thao, Kayce Yardam, John Anderson, Juan Reyes and Daniel Gebreselasie.

These students will begin their terms on May 1, discussing and making decisions on student-related issues across campus.

In recent years the student vote has been low and this year was no exception. While last year’s vote saw 600 ballots cast, this year’s 200 voters represented less than six per cent of the student population eligible to vote.

Voting took place from March 19-23 through students’ college emails.

CSI president Ciara Byrne said she was disappointed in the voter turnout despite all of the election advertising that students did.

“These people decide where (students’) money goes and how it’s spent so it (was) more important than ever to have (had) your say,” she said.

And the directors have a lot of money, more than $1 million, to account for in their year-long term.

While they manage this money and consider what is best for the students at Conestoga, Byrne offered some words of advice to the new board.

“Keep the students at the front of your agenda. Be confident in the organization and yourself. Dream big.”

Byrne was re-elected as president for the 2012-2013 school year.