July 13, 2024


The Mars Volta is part of a small, yet highly esteemed and respected community of psychedelic-infused rock. Their new releases are always met with enthusiasm from fans.
Noctourniquet is a stellar addition to the band’s arsenal. Full of a combination of modern psychadelics, new wave, prog-rock and jazz-fusion, listeners are sure to be left weaving through the absurd lyrics and idioms presented by frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala.
The album features many unlikely reference points, such as Blondie’s Rapture (as heard in Dyslexicon) only to follow it with the reggae-tinged The Malkin Jewel, which also echoes a curious prog-style Nick Cave. Elsewhere, swelling choruses give a nod toward Muse, while guitar squalls echo a Radiohead-esque soundscape.
With the emergence of new drummer Deantoni Parks from guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s solo projects, the album delves into eccentric rhythms to create vibrant visions of synergy, as heard in The Whip Hand, and the slow, beautiful musicality of Trinkets Pale of Moon and Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound.
Every listen to the album will leave fans with a new discovery. This album is a kaleidoscope of fresh, experimental prog-rock sure to leave even the most skeptical listener intrigued.