June 12, 2024


Finding out that your ride home has been stolen is not good news for anyone.

Barb Eichholz, Conestoga’s security and parking supervisor, said a number of bikes have been stolen from the campus since the start of classes. She has been working with Waterloo Regional Police and both have been increasing patrols to try and prevent any further bicycle thefts.

Samantha Albrecht, a first-year student in the social service worker program, said she rides her bike to and from school but she wasn’t aware of the bike thefts. Upon learning of them, she said, “That’s good to know.”

Theft prevention tips can keep your  bike safe.

Eichholz said, “The majority of bikes that have been stolen have been locked so making sure that you purchase the proper lock that’s either hard to pick or hard to cut is very important.”

She suggested using a strong U-lock and making sure that your bicycle is always locked when it is left anywhere.

It is also important to record an accurate description of your bicycle in case it does get stolen.

“The key thing is you need to have a record of your serial number because you have to be able to provide that to the police,” said Eichholz.

The serial number is usually located on the frame.

Another tip is to keep your bike somewhere close by and in a visible area where there are many bystanders. Lock your bike to something that is strong, immobile and which          the bike cannot be easily lifted off, such as a bike rack. When placing a lock on the bike, make sure that the lock is not close to the ground or near a wall where it can be easily smashed.

Securing the bicycle frame and its wheels and using two different locks for each wheel instead of one will make it more difficult for thieves to steal. Older-looking bikes are also less attractive to thieves than newer ones.

“If your bike is stolen or if you notice suspicious activity around a bike lock, contact security immediately,” Eichholz said.