June 12, 2024


Students at Conestoga College have noticed the events going on around the school, but have they considered who organizes them?

Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) is an entity that takes care of student interests and issues throughout the school year. Their main objective is to listen to students and what they want to see happen.

Celebrating their 40th year as a separate entity from the college, CSI’s mission statement includes three different competencies: representation, activities and services.

This year, they are offering a few new services that will help students in various ways throughout the year.

For example, CSI has introduced a shuttle service. According to their website, www.conestogastudents.com, the shuttle will provide free transportation for students, faculty and staff between the Doon campus, residence and the Cambridge campus. The service will be available mainly for special events, but the details are still in the works.

The CSI Leadership Conference is also a new addition. It’s a way for students to get some unique skills and strategies that they can bring to the workforce.

Ciara Byrne, president of CSI, said the conferences will probably take place on a weekend and will be a one-time commitment that students can get something tangible out of.

“This year we are looking to focus more on that skills development part of it,” she said.

Byrne said they’ve noticed student focus has shifted from having fun to what they can learn to help them in their future career. CSI is keeping that focus in mind.

“We’ve broken away from tradition,” Byrne said.

She mentioned CSI analyzes what has worked in past years and what hasn’t gotten a lot of response, whether it’s entertainment or an event that will help them build their skills for later in life.

Byrne believes CSI staff has gotten a handle on what the students want.

“If any student walked in this office and talked to any of the staff members, they would walk out believing in CSI as much as each of our staff members,” she said.