May 30, 2024

The latest iPhone is just a finger tap away; for students, having the best, new gadgets is always important and not just because we live in a technology-based world but also because they are cool.
With approximately 50 per cent of Canadians having more than six unused electronics sitting around their rooms, it makes you wonder where they can be recycled. Unlike “Toy Story,” old cellphones and laptops don’t hide away and play Angry Birds together in our desk drawers.
One simple solution for old electronics is to take them to one of 31 drop boxes located in K-W. Electronic stores, such as Future Shop and Best Buy, have partnered with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship. The OES is a non-profit organization that has kept 100,000 tonnes of electronic waste from Ontario landfills since April 1, 2009.
“The majority of us, 81 per cent, own a mobile phone that we’ll replace in less than three years,” said Jonathan Spencer, OES executive director.
For all of your last year models that are collecting dust, you can go to, type in your postal code or city and easily find the closest location. There is no fee for dropping them off but the website does suggest cleaning all personal information from your unused devices before recycling them. Though more people are using the recycling program the OES is still looking for people to get involved. By signing the 100,000 tonne pledge you can also be apart of recycling revolution.
“We are seeing more Ontarians holding on to devices for all sorts of reasons. We want all Ontarians to learn more and act to reduce e-waste,” said Spencer.
When asking Conestoga students why they may hold onto their old gadgets, Ronnie Kieswetter, a first-year bio technology technician student, said, “I know that there is an e-waste program, but my old phones don’t take up much space in my drawer and I never really remember to bring them in while I’m running around doing other stuff.”
Being a busy student and having to go out of your way to recycle isn’t as easy as it looks, but being able to fit something else in your desk drawers could make your life a lot easier and your room a lot cleaner.